Fiscally Fit in 2017




Top 5 habits of the Financially Fit



Set and review your goals often.  Chances are you already have some financial goals.  First step is know where you’re at and start from there.  Review your financial goal sheet to track your progress and measure the time it will take you to reach your goals.  When you reach one goal it gives you confidence to keep going in that direction.

You may only be able to save $100 a month, you may frown on that but don’t despise the days of small beginnings $100 a month x 12 = $1,200 a year, it’s a start. You must train your mind to think in terms of long-term financial security instead of short-term satisfactions.  That doesn’t mean you never treat yourself it means your consumerism is controlled to maintain security.  Money is a defense.



Take control of day-to-day finances.  Morning coffee, lunch, snacks, gas, it all adds up and all these little” things should be incorporated into your budget. Where can you cutback to save more money on a daily basis.  Lunch for example doesn’t have to be bought everyday.  It can be prepared at home taken with you.  Saving at least ten dollars a day $50 dollars a week, $200 a month on lunch alone.


  • Pay down your debt.

Debt concept.


  • Insurance



  • A Will



  • Invest


  • Save




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