Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas


This Valentine’s Day whether you’re going out on your dream date or planning to stay in, make the most of this romantic holiday by making it memorable! Be creative in your planning, and definitely make this night different from regular date nights.  Think beyond dinner and a movie.  Show your significant other that you’ve put some thought into this one.  Do something they are not expecting, that’s one of the elements that keeps love fresh and new, ” Surprises”.

For instance if you guys have a favorite restaurant don’t go to that one tomorrow night, try a new restaurant with a romantic atmosphere that you can both enjoy together.  Gifts are wonderful, but when it comes to relationships it’s the quality of the time spent that’s important.  And by all means turn off that cell phone and be in the moment with your sweetie, show them they’ve got your undivided attention.  Another very important part of relationships is Focus!  Focus solely on your date and what you hope to achieve for that evening.  But most of all have fun, no stress talk, ie work,  problems, bills, keep it light,  and turn up the heat!


Choose an elegant restaurant with a romantic feel.


Dinner and a show. Have an early dinner so you’ll have plenty of time for your evening.


Couples massage


Couples date night basket


For an awesome night at home, it’s all in the presentation




Smart tip of the day:


Happy Valentine’s Day to all, if you are blessed enough to have love in your life celebrate it!


Verse of the day:


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