Glowing Skin in Spring 2017

Pamper your skin! While you’re looking forward to spring, for your skin there’s nothing worse than a long, cold winter.  The low humidity in addition to the hear, and hot air, can leave your skin looking dry and dull. We’re all covered up in winter and often times we neglect what we do not see.  So there’s a tendency not to moisturize as much or at all during the winter months, which is a mistake! Going a whole season with no moisture on your skin will cause the skin to dry out and become itchy and flaky and more prone to look older and wrinkly.  Youthful skin glows. The best place to start is head to toe moisturizer.

4 Ways to develop a healthy relationship with your skin

Every girl should have three main moisturizers.  A facial moisturizer, an all over body moisturizer, and a foot moisturizer. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, that is the key.

Accept and embrace your body as it is right now!  Both good parts as well as flaws, especially flaws. You have to begin where your at.  Ask yourself which parts of my body do I like?  For example : you might say, “I like my legs”, great.  Show them off with skirts, dresses, shorts, heels.  Which parts of my body do I like the least? example: You might say I don’t like my stomach, I’d like to have flat abs this summer. Okay that’s a great goal to have, while you get to work on that, you’ll want to stay away from clothes that emphasize your stomach like midriff, and minimize your stomach at the beach with a one piece swim suit.  Accentuate the positive, minimize the negatives!

If you’re prone to skin problems on your face, such as breakouts, etc… you’ll want to use the three prong approach to keep breakouts less frequent. #1 a good cleanser  example: Clean and Clear. #2 an astringent to clean pores, #3  and a facial moisturizer. Wash makeup completely off at night and cleanse.

Hydrate from the inside out by drinking water to keep your skin clear and healthy.

All over body butter Moisturizer

Feet moisturizer.  Gold bond is great for taking care of your feet at home in between pedicures as well as everyday use. I personally use this and started to notice a difference in the first application. The cost is around ten dollars but totally worth it.


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