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Single Women: Show Him How to Treat You

As a woman of God self-respect permeates every area of your life. It has less to do with what you say and more to do with how you carry yourself, your actions and what you will and will not accept.  A woman who values herself is the ultimate catch!  Ground rules of a relationship need to be set in the beginning. What you tolerate in the dating phase or not sets the tone for the relationship.  Some women are puzzled by the notion that you can “show ” a man how to treat you.  How do you do that? By not accepting, unacceptable behaviors.

Men classify women.  For example: “This girl I can call anytime and she’ll come running”, or “This is the party girl”, or “this girl is not putting out until marriage”.  Women are scared to set boundaries for fear they will lose out on the man. If you do lose him, Good!! He didn’t deserve you anyway.  Because a man who wants you, you won’t be able to lose him because he’s not going anywhere.  A real man will see that you have standards and that will be both a comfort and challenge to him because he knows he has a high value woman on his hands!

6 Ways to Show Him how to Treat You

Your heart is worth guarding.  Protect yourself emotionally by having standards.  You want a man who will honor and value you as a woman and respect your decision not sleep with him before marriage.  Sleeping with him before commitment is not going to make him stay and it makes you no different from any other woman.  You must show him your difference!  It’s your difference that makes you unique not your sameness!

Your time is valuable.  Do not be available on a whim.  Demonstrate to him that you are a woman with your own life that runs on a schedule, i.e. work, school, and plans and time with you needs to be made in advance.

Your worth being properly courted.  If he’s the kind of guy that wants to put in as little effort as possible to see you, For instance Netflix and chill in which case there should be several dates before you let a man take you to his home.  It’s not your job to make it convenient for the man to date you.  It’s his job to make the effort!  Because the woman is the prize to be won!You should not be going to pick him up. The man assumes the responsibility when taking a woman out. When my husband and I met, he had to drive an hour to see me.  Was it convenient?  Probably not!   There were thousands of women where he lived if not millions, But a Man will do whatever it takes to get what he wants!!

Never choose a man based on his potential.  A man should be working when he approaches you.  In the garden Adam’s work was defined before God brought the woman to him.  Genesis 2:15: “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”  If a man cannot define his work he has no business approaching you for a date. 

You commit, after he commits to you.  Are you the type of woman who is already committed before a commitment is made?  If he has not committed to you 100% yet then neither should you!  Then and only then, otherwise keep your options open!  Don’t be the type of woman that “needs” a man be the type of woman a man needs!

Be Willing to walk away.  This works in business  as well as relationships.  The Art of the deal is always be willing to walk away.  Willing to walk away from a situation that isn’t working.  Women make the mistake of holding on too long sometimes when clearly the man is not for you.  Let me give you a little psychology tip: the person who cares “less” about the relationship has the most power!  This should be you!  As the woman you are the prize, you are doing the “Choosing”.  And if you don’t find a pearl in  that oyster, open another oyster!  Simply put, one monkey doesn’t stop a show.  Keep it moving.  NOT giving in to a man’s desires puts you in the position of power.  When you do not consent to sex it puts you in the position of decision maker.  You want a man who values you as a woman, but you have to believe that you deserve it!


Author’s Note:  Welcome Summer SCW fans!  SCW Magazine will launch its Special Summer Edition 2017 Thursday June 1st.  The Summer edition will run for the month of June!

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Millennial Women Perspective

Millennials!  The First people to come of age in the 21st Century.  With its super fast rate of technological change, millennials have been forced to create new ways of navigating it.  The term “Generation Like” is perfectly fitting for the all important tally of likes one receives on social media.  Let’s take a look at some statistics on attitudes and behaviors of  the generation born after 1980 and before 2000.

  • Technology

  • Relationships & Parenting

  • Church

  • Workplace

  • Fashion

  • Shopping

Shopping retail stores vs. Online shopping

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Memorial Day Monday 2017

  • What are you grateful for this memorial Day?

  1. Grateful for this country and the freedoms we enjoy and the brave men that make it possible

  2. Grateful to God for provision and for work to support our families

  3. Grateful for family and good friends

  4. Grateful for good health

  5. Grateful to live in the greatest country on earth where I am free to pursue my dreams

Authors Note:  While we enjoy our food, family, fun and freedom, remember those that gave their lives!  Happy Memorial Day.  I am personally grateful to the Lord our God today for heath, family, provision and wisdom.  And I am grateful for you our followers and readers around the world We Appreciate You!!

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Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Time for a feast!  And time to be thankful, for this country and the brave soldiers that have given their lives so that everyday we can enjoy the freedoms they protected!  Hosting guests for memorial day on a budget?  No worries, SCW has your budget conscious ideas for tasty grilled meals to kick off your Summer fun!

Want to have a great meal for guests without breaking the bank?

  • Begin with fresh-cut fruit and cheese guest can enjoy in between plates

  • Do simple: Hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips

  • Prefer poultry. Leg quarters are filling, inexpensive and very tasty!

  • Summer side dish favorites

  • All Done. Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips or grilled chicken, with a potato, macaroni or a pasta salad.

  • Other side dishes

  • Baked Beans

  • Corn on the Cob

  • Fresh Pickle


  • Beef Lovers

  • Beef Ribs on the grill a summer favorite

According to your family’s taste there are many ways to do a great Memorial Day menu on a budget. One tip I would give is pick one to three dishes and serve.  You may not be able to do everything but you can do a couple of dishes that will be sure to fill and satisfy.

SCW Memorial Weekend Menu

My Husband and son love chili cheese hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, beef ribs, macaroni salad, and grilled chicken and corn on the cob.

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Summer Fling 2017 ? . . Or the real thing?

The weather is heating up and so are relationships!  However all suitors  don’t have the best intentions and those are the ones a woman needs to look out for.  A smart Christian woman wants to date a decent, like-minded, fun, forward thinking man who’s interested in a long-term relationship that leads to commitment.  So don’t waste time on the flakes.  Some men are super smooth talkers, so how can you tell?

4 Ways to tell if  it’s a Summer Fling

  • Fair weather friends?  Is he a seasonal “friend”  that only contacts you from time to time, like, summer, winter, or spring, then disappears until the next time he has time for you?  What you want is a man who is consistent.
  • Conversation.  Does he talk about or make references to, or hints about sex?  Or is he the type that wants you to get to know him on a personal level?  ie, personal goals, work, family, friend?  Or is it superficial sharing as little about himself as possible because he knows he won’t be around long?  Remember you can tell a lot about a man from his conversation.  For the most part let him do the talking.  You do the listening while you’re sitting back looking pretty.  A solid relationship centers around communication.
  • What is his idea of a date?  Is it Netflix and chill?  Reject!!  A gentleman knows how to treat a lady, is proud to have her on his arm, he values her as a woman and wants to take her out and show her off.
  • Compatibility.  What type of man is he?  Is he Christian?  Does he love God?  A man’s faith is his foundation out of which all his decisions and choices flow.  Do not be unequally yoked 2 Corinthians 6:14, Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?”

Characteristics of a Godly Man

He knows his place as a man.  He steps up!  He leads, initiates, he’s a man of action.  He hates apathy and rejects passivity.  Ezekiel 22:30,  “I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before me for the land, so that I would not destroy it.  But I found no one.”

A Godly man stands strong when he is challenged!

A Godly man judges his actions against the Word of God at all times.

A Godly man exercising headship makes decisions based on everyone’s highest good, not just his own gain.

A Godly man is first the servant of all.  His heart is committed to his wife and family above all else, save for God.


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Happy Memorial Day weekend to All from the SCW family

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7 Habits to Reclaim your Peace of Mind . . . . . . . . (Success in every area of your life!)

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21 Ways to God Given Wealth and Success

Smart tip of the day:  It is God’s will for you to be a blessed woman of God.  Blessed Spiritually, blessed in your mind, blessed in your body with good health and yes blessed in your finances.  Whatever you use to get ahead, your mind, your abilities, your resources, God gave it to you!!  So stop looking at wealth and riches as if they are dirty words!  Embrace prosperity.  It is GOD who gives us the power to attain wealth!  Deuteronomy 8:18:  “God provides provision!”

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