Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Make this Father’s day 2017 special.  Put some thought into letting that special dad know how much you appreciate him.  Be sure to get Dad a functional gift, something he can use.  Keep in mind his likes and hobbies.  Whether your Dad is a tech man, like mine or sports enthusiasts or just an active Dad on the go you’re sure to get ideas from SCW’s list of Father’s Day Gifts ideas 2017!

Heads up display for his cell phone

Fitness Tracker


Sound Bar for that big screen TV

Motion detector and alarm

Golf Clubs

Engraved all-purpose knife

Man crates

Tool set



Money clip

Gift Card to his favorite store

Author’s Note:  Happy Father’s Day to all SCW readers, followers, and around the world to all great Dads!  The leadership of the man is important and should be honored as God has placed the man in the position of leader.  For the Fatherless, “God is a father to the fatherless”,  Psalm 68:5

  • To My Husband, an amazing Husband and Father, We Love You!  Happy Father’s Day!

Verse of the Day:

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