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Labor Day Weekend 2017

Time for a little R&R ( rest and relaxation).  Labor day is a special day for our country as a whole. It’s what makes this land great the “American Workers”.  With increasingly tough times for people it’s a blessing to have a job or career.  To be able to earn and provide for our families, stimulate the economy and sow our seeds with tithes and offerings.  To be blessed enough to be charitable and give donations, give back to our communities and help other people is a blessing.  This weekend millions of families will hit the beaches, barbecues, travel the roads, and by air to see family and friends.  Or maybe you’re hosting a Labor Day gathering and expecting guests.  Whatever you choose take advantage of the long holiday weekend.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Psalm 90:17, “May the favor of the Lord God rest on us, and establish the work of our hands for us.”

  • When traveling with kids. Be prepared with a first aid kit for minor mishaps.

  •  Apply sunscreen for the whole family before hitting the water to protect from burns.

  • Pack lots of water bottles juices and snacks for the kids.

  • If you’re packing a lunch to take to the beach, pack them fresh before leaving

  • Get an early start so that you arrive early and pick out a good spot for your family as the beaches will be crowded that day.

  • Road Trip Tips

  • Have your car serviced before your trip.

  • Be prepared with a roadside kit and spare tire.

  • Make sure children are safe, properly strapping them in and using car seats.

  • Children can get restless on long road trips.  Be sure to pack things to keep them occupied.  Depending on their ages, whether it’s coloring books, hand held computer games, laptops, books, favorite toys etc..


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