Archive | September 10, 2017

Born of Greatness

Verse of the day:

Shout out to my readers and followers You Rock. As my schedule gets increasingly busier in this season I will still post encouragements often.  So stop by SCW and be encouraged ! It’s also for me too! to keep my spirit strong. Whatever our goals are in Christ, and for ourselves and our families, If we keep God first We can do it!! God says we are well able and more than conquers!

May God Bless all who were affected by Hurricane Harvey May God help you to rebuild your lives. May you emerge better than ever! Stay strong!

To all those that live in the path of hurricane Irma:

May our God protect and preserve you, comfort and provide for you. We ask that our faithful readers collectively pray for all those impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  I also ask that God richly bless and protect all those friends, neighbors and first responders that have put themselves in harms way to help others.

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