Christmas Holiday Decorating and Entertaining

We’re Counting down the days to the big day!  There’s still time left to tie up those loose ends and pull it together! Nothing says Holiday entertaining like decorating the house for the holidays.  This was a tradition in my family we spend hours, days, decorating and providing just the right  atmosphere to give your guests that warm and welcoming feel.  Depending on your budget you may opt to keep it simple and that is just fine.  Depending on the number of areas in and around the home you plan to decorate, decorations can add up in a  hurry!  So by all means do what you can afford  and avoid overdoing it.  The lights alone can cost a bundle.  Hopefully SCW’s list of holiday decorating and entertaining will give you plenty of ideas to get started.

Outdoor decorations

  • Outdoor lighting decorations with Christmas is my favorite holiday, I love an elaborate display.  But be prepared for the high electric bill.  Your lights don’t have to cover every square inch of your house to look festive and you don’t have to only decorate with lights, there’s garland and wreaths some people use them all.  Whatever you like that’s what you do but the point is that you don’t have to overdo it.

  • Invitations

  • Ornaments

Do it yourself ornaments.  Inexpensive, easy to make, and creative

  • The tree

  • Who doesn’t love the fun of going and picking out a Christmas tree with your family. This is my family’s preference.  We prefer a real tree for the smell.  It has a great holiday smell that goes throughout the house.  Of course you have to maintain a real tree by watering it, maybe spritzing the pine needles with water every week.
  • An artificial tree is the tree that keeps on giving.  They are more expensive but you get a lot of use out of it for years to come.  It just comes down to deciding what’s best for your family.


  • A well-appointed table (the centerpiece of holiday gatherings)

  • Holiday drinks and treats

Festive nonalcoholic holiday drinks are the way to go for guests who prefer not to drink, they look delicious and are easy to make.  Recipes can be found online simply type in the name of the drinks that interests you and viola! your easy to make recipe awaits.  Have fun!  For me I’m not much of a drinker so a little wine is fine and of course a little champagne for new years.

Gingerbread cookie mocha creme

Cranberry ginger ale spritzer

Virgin chocolate peppermint martini

  • Treats to Go

Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles simply wrap in plastic tie with a bow and cupcakes to go!

  • The Food


Author’s Note: My dear readers and followers around the world!  From my family to yours We love you!  Thank you for reading SCW.  My hope is that Christ will find his way into your hearts and homes this season.  God Bless you! Wishing you happiness in the new year and the whole year through!

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