Celebrating Mom

Happy Mothers day weekend ladies!

This post goes out to all my readers and followers around the world!  You rock!  In addition to being a wife and mom I’ve been super busy with school.  It’s finals time and I’m up to my eyeballs in work and study.  My Monday through Friday schedule is a total grind.  My day starts 4 am every weekday morning, as a result I go to sleep early.  The one day I have to myself is Saturday, Sunday is homework day.

Looking forward to summer vacation and my upcoming graduation.  Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, most of all thank you for reading Smart Christian Woman!  In the past month we’ve acquired more new followers, that’s awesome!  Welcome to you all!  If you’ve had the blessing of a good Mother you have something to be thankful for today!  Thank God for moms!  Whether your mom is living and well or if she’s in Heaven like my mom you can still celebrate her.  Lots of people visit the cemetery or columbium on Mother’s Day to pay respects to their mom.

I have the good fortune of having my mom here in our home in her marble vase.  We definitely keep her memory alive, we take her on vacation with us.  On her Birthday or Mother’s Day I still by her a card and place it by her vase.  I will often light a candle by her vase at night.  I still talk to her.  Spirits are real. The body dies but the spirit lives on.  And if your Mom is in heaven today she is with you in spirit.  How will you spend your Mother’s Day?  Plans with the family, children, friends,church,?  Whatever you have planned,  it’s your day!  It’s your day to be waited on, it’s your day to take it easy.  Your day for fun!

We give so much of ourselves to our families and we thank God for them.  However, Mom deserves a time set aside just for her.  To relax, recharge, put down the to do list.  So no cooking, no cleaning, tomorrow.  I’m doing my cleaning today because it’s not happening tomorrow.  For Mother’s Day I decided I want to grill at the park.  My husband cooks a mean steak and he will cook dinner tomorrow!  It’s all about you Mom!  Please enjoy the prayers for Moms!


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  • The Gift of Motherhood

Verse of the day:

Happy Mother’s day to my Mom ,Pamela Newman  August 1956 – December 2005

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