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Having Fun in Fall

Revel in the season!  I love California, but most people come here for the warm temperatures almost year round.  I love the fall – California winter season here because it’s the only time there is a change in the weather and a dip in temperatures.  Days are cooler, nights and mornings are colder and there is some rain on and off for about 3 months.  It’s my favorite time of year here!  One good things about California is the mountains up in the high altitudes where it snows!  My family vacations in Big Bear mountain in winter and it’s amazing! California is truly is a place where you can have the best of both worlds, the beaches, mountains, deserts and valleys.  However, many of you are blessed to live in places that have the four seasons!

Embrace every new season of your life!  There’s so much to love about Fall, the beautiful colors of the leaves, fresh air, fall activities, warm cozy evenings ( my personal Favorite).  The holidays are upon us, on the one hand it may be something you don’t want to think about just yet, kinda one day at a time, and I’m with you.  However, the media and commercials won’t let us forget it.  I’ve already seen tons of black Friday ads.  Another fall favorite, of course everyone’s favorite an extra hour of sleep! Yay!  That’s right it’s that time again to fall back!  Daylight savings time ends this weekend. nTime to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday! Sweet dreams!


Moms don’t forget to be good to yourself in this season!  It’s a busy life!  And you’ve got a ton of things going on.  Career, work, children’s activities, husband, home, etc… Take the time to pamper yourself wherever possible, no make it a priority.  This principle is right in line with the principal of pay yourself first!  Your uninterrupted time without the kids is crucial, yes you’re a mom, a wife, and career woman, or homemaker, but do schedule time to nurture the woman in you. Here’s how.

  • Schedule manicures and pedicures regularly
  • Schedule a massage and or your favorite spa treatment
  • Schedule some quiet time alone, maybe during this time you read your favorite book,  magazine, or website, organize your day planner for the week, meditate, and or pray
  • Schedule a salon visit and get your hair done
  • Lunch with other moms
  • Do go to grown up dinner parties where there are no kids.


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