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Knowing your value as a Woman

A woman of High value knows who she is, and who’s she is.  Her confidence and contentment flows from the fact that she is loved by God and held in the highest esteem.  Proverbs 31:10 Her price is far above rubies.” Pray that God will strengthen you with his word. Did you know that reading scripture actually strengthens you. When we are strengthened on the inside circumstances on the outside don’t bother you as much. Strengthen yourself and see yourself the way God sees you. As a precious treasure and giver of life and nothing that the man can acquire can compare to you. Proverbs 3:15 “Nothing you desire can compare to her.” The man can have everything! But if he doesn’t have you he has nothing!

Rule #1 – All men are not worthy of receiving you!  Those that are must prove it!  Keep God first.

Rule #2 –  A woman of high value never chases. The thrill of the chase belongs to the hunter.  Let him work for it.  Hard to get is actually exciting to men, because now he has something to work on. He has to put his creativity to work. How can I impress this woman and show her I’m interested.  Let the courting begin

Rule #3 –  She does not need a man to complete her. She is happy on her own. She comes equipped with intelligence, gifts, talents, and a good heart. She’d like to share her life with the right man but knows he must be deserving of her.

Rule #4 –  Your worth as a woman is not tied to sex! She values her temple, and shows a man that what is different about her, is the fact that you will respect me.

Rule #5 –  No matter how much you desire a man, if his values do not align with yours, do not become unequally yoked. Never abandon your standards. You never stoop to his level, no, a high value woman challenges a man to come up to higher ground.

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Gracefully Single

God wants the best for You!  We are more connected at this point in time to the world at large than at any other point in history.  Seems like dating and finding a good Christian man would be easy right?  Not.  Instead it’s harder than ever to find someone decent and worth dating.  When you meet the man God has for you, you will know it.  It will be the man that values and respects you in every way.  You will know him because he will be vastly different from any other man you’ve met.  In your single season you are in complete control of your life and that’s powerful.  When you have a life partner you give up some of that control to share your life. The takeaway is to embrace the moment, be at peace knowing that the man God has for you will come into your life at the right time.  Live with expectancy, expecting  good  things to happen to you.

Flourish at your work.  A sense of accomplishment will make you feel good about yourself and give you something else to focus on.  It will also boost your confidence and radiate outward.  Men can tell when a woman is content and confident and this is when he wants to get your attention.

Be engaged in life, have as much fun as you can in your single season.  Family life is very rewarding, marriage and kids are serious business. It’s a stage in your life where you don’t go out as much or travel, hang out with your friends, as much at least not initially with newborns and toddlers.  But family is the priority and everything else is secondary so I say have all the fun you can as a single girl travel, expand your mind, who knows what like minded gentlemen you can meet along the way.

Be the most desirable you can be spiritually, mentally, physically.  Be a well rounded woman, who is well read and able to have interesting conversation.

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January Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Me! Author of SCW

Grandfather Thomas Newman

Aunt Carmen Lashley

Cousin Chris,and Uncle Charles Newman







Reflecting on the Goodness of God in the New Year!

Count Your Blessings!  Health, family, faith, career and good friends triumph over difficulties. The good Lord is on your side!  And with God all things are possible!  There’s been a strong feeling in my spirit to focus on the POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!  We can all find something to complain about.  However as the body of Christ which is the church let’s commit together to focus on what’s good this year and give the rest to God in prayer!  I hope that your new year’s eve was a blessed one, you had fun, unwind from work and life stresses.  Hopefully you’ll be resting comfortably on this Holiday or doing whatever makes you happy.

New Year’s resolutions anyone?  Studies have shown that by the end of the first week of the new year, resolutions are out the window for most people. However if there are positive changes that you need to make for the betterment of your future commit to making those positive changes!  Our future is created by the choices we make today. Make better choices in 2020!  Remember that God is always moving Forward and so too should we.  He is always doing a new thing Isaiah 43:19. The power to change is in your hands!  If you’d like us to pray for you send a prayer request.

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