About the Author

Laguna Beach

Our Kids


The Writer’s Guild Of America, West Los Angeles

First Degree

   Second Degree                                                                      

God Mother

My Great grandparents and Father and Mother in law


View from our Honeymoon Suite overlooking Laguna Beach


Venice Beach , Date night watching the Sunset



A Little About Me

I’m the author of “The Smart Christian Woman’s Guide to Life, Love and Fulfillment” and founder of “Smart Christian Woman Magazine” blog which is an online lifestyle magazine for Christian women. This is a companion to the book dedicated to empowering and uplifting women.  “Smart Christian Woman” explores a woman’s journey in becoming a strong woman of faith and striving towards all that God has intended her to be.  It teaches and encourages women and shows them that whatever mistakes you’ve made along the way, and whatever level you are on, God loves you and you can start again.  If you are at a place in your life where things are good, praise God and take that opportunity to enhance your life yet the more by the Word of God.  Women should encourage  one another.  I was raised with a strong faith.  I’m an educated, east coast girl, who has made my home in southern California.  It’s important to remember we are all in a state of becoming our best self.  To God be the glory!  Click the links below to get your copy of “Smart Christian Woman” and be encouraged.  God Bless!

Monique Newman

The Smart Christian Woman’s Guide” on Amazon.com
“The Smart Christian Woman’s Guide” on Barnes and Nobel.com



5 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Dear Sister in Christ, I had a chance to look at your blog this morning, I like it a lot. I like the movement of the ocean waters for visual appeal.I liked that there were a lot of scriptures because the words of God have Power in them! There was a quote that read: “Inspirational Women speak life and Love to those around them” I love that. Please Be encouraged! and Keep it up!



    • Hi there “Inspirational Changes”, God bless you! and thank you for reading SCW. I’m so glad you like the blog, makes it all worth it. Your positive feedback uplifts my day as well.Stay in Faith! Your always welcome at SCW.


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