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To God be the glory!  I did it guys!  I graduated with my second degree!  And had the pleasure of seeing my daughter graduate college as well.  One down, one to go, my son is next.

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Thou Shall Have Good Success!

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SCW’s All-Time Viewer Favorites

Welcome new followers!  SCW’s popularity has grown tremendously.  Praise God for each person we’ve touched, for every article you’ve found interesting, for every scripture that has given you peace!  We’ve compiled a list of viewers statistical favorite posts.  We invite you to read and enjoy and always if you have a comment, we’d love to hear it.  This post marks our 800th POST!  Amazing even to us.  Time has just flown by.  SCW is your source for contemporary Christian reading that speaks in a modern way to our everyday lives, which uplifts and strengthens our spirit  through the word of God!


  • Faith

All of the blog post titles below are clickable links to the original posts.  Enjoy!

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Happy Wedding Anniversary 2018 to my Amazing Husband. Your Love is a Blessing.

  • Single Women


How to get past looks when Finding Love

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  • Teen Girls

Christian Girls who become Christian Women

Teen Scene – How to Be the most Popular Girl in School

Teen girls, What young Christian Men Think About You

Youth on Fire

  • Professional Christian Women & Eutrapeurialship

21 Ways to God Given Wealth and Success

Women in Business & Entrepreneurship

Spotlight on Christian Business Women

Habits of Successful Women

Supplementing your Income with Side Jobs Online

Home based Business Ideas

Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Dressing for Professional Success

Couples (Dating, Engaged, long-term)

Ladies I want to emphasize what being a couple means, and what it should mean for a Christian Woman.  A Smart Christian woman Does not just aimlessly date without purpose with just any man who asks her out (as if).  No, a smart Christian woman wants a Godly man, the Christian man who god has for her.  Which means she only accepts date with men that are on the same page as her as far as her beliefs and values (A Christian man).  A man who has created a future for himself, is stable, and able to support a wife and family and wants to settle down.

That doesn’t mean on  the first date she tells him she wants to get married and have kids by next week!   Through conversation and getting to know someone it won’t take long at all to find out where this man’s head is at!  So you do want a man who is looking for that long-term relationship that leads to a life partnership!  So he’s either that type of man or he is  not, but in any case life is short and a smart woman doesn’t waste time with men who aren’t suitable for her ie unequally yoked!

5 Benefits of Praying Together as a Couple

How to tell if you’re in a Codependent Relationship

Couples Recharge

Couples Date Night at Home

The 80/20 Relationship Rule

Letting go of Bad Relationships

Fight the good fight turn Spats into Solutions

Couples Summer Date Night Ideas

Top Romantic Summer Getaways for Couples 2017

Healthy Relationships

  • Fitness

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7 Habits of Healthy Women

Fit and Healthy

Smart and Fit

Healthy Habits of People who Stay Fit

7 Tips to Toned, tight, fit, and Amazing Inspiration

Eat Right get Slim

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  • All Women Category

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  • Overcoming Obstacles and Fear

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Encouragement for Difficult Times

Coping with Loneliness During the Holidays

Remembering Loved ones in Heaven

 I’m a Smart Christian Woman

I’m a Smart Christian Woman

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Summer Date Night Ideas 2017

Looking for the perfect way to spend time with  a special someone this summer?  It’s really about  the company not about what you do.  Sometimes the simple things are best and the most fun.  With plenty of sunshine, longer days and warmer temps lend itself to outdoor activities and more sociability.  Make the most of summer by getting out and having fun!

7 Fun inexpensive Summer Date Night Ideas!

Wine tasting double date night

A walk on the beach

Amusement Park

Picnic in the park

Go for a Swim! It’s summer!

Take a stroll to a neighborhood restaurant that has outdoor seating

Find a spot to watch the sunset

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21 Ways to God Given Wealth and Success

Smart tip of the day:  It is God’s will for you to be a blessed woman of God.  Blessed Spiritually, blessed in your mind, blessed in your body with good health and yes blessed in your finances.  Whatever you use to get ahead, your mind, your abilities, your resources, God gave it to you!!  So stop looking at wealth and riches as if they are dirty words!  Embrace prosperity.  It is GOD who gives us the power to attain wealth!  Deuteronomy 8:18:  “God provides provision!”

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Spring Trends 2017


SCW’s spring and summer preview has it all for you!  Color trends, from professional wear to casual wear, makeup and hair.  Spring is almost here!  And it’s never looked so good!  This seasons fashions are bold, feminine, and fun.  Runaways have been buzzing with excitement from New York to Milan.


  • Professional wear



Casual Dressy


Chloe, Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Paris


















Date Night Casual Spring in slimming basic black




Summer Preview




Hair 2017







Elopement Dress



Simplistic satin glamour


Mermaid High drama dress


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New Year’s Faith Resolutions


Time to make those New Year’s resolutions.  What changes do you want to make in 2017?  Forget about the word resolution, what it comes down to is change.  Change is hard which is why most people do not keep resolutions.  Think in terms of positive lifestyle changes which will bring you closer to your goals.  This year pick one of these worthy goals and start there!

New Year's Resolutions, list of items


5 Lifestyle changes to kickstart your New Year


  • Making healthier eating choices. Eat healthier alternatives. Instead of sugary snacks do fruit instead.  Snacks like trail mix, mixed nuts, yogurt and cheese are tasty healthy snacks.

healthy and junk food concept - woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake

  • Getting more sleep, Instead of just saying I want to get “more sleep” set a goal, for example 3 more hours per night and work toward it. You may not always meet the goal but strive for it.

Young woman sleeping

          Change the course of your life for the better with a new career. When you love what you do it’s not work.  You don’t have to have all the details worked out just start..

Hand writing "Start a new career" with marker, concept

•  Add years to your life with diet and exercise, in the long-term.  In the short-term, lower your stress levels, tone your body lose weight control your appetite.


          •  Whatever area of your life where you need to take a leap of faith to get you where you want to be, do it!





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Women in Business & Entrepreneurship



Never in history have women been more successful or more empowered than they are today. The growing prevalence of female entrepreneurship of all races didn’t happen by accident.  It’s proof that legislation targeted at women and minority small business owners had an effect. The small business jobs act of 2010 and the Women’s equity and contracting act both of which seek to help businesses headed up by women win more government contracts.  It helped to put women owned businesses and minority owned businesses at a competitive edge.  The progress for minority women has been particularly swift.  With business ownership skyrocketing 265% since 1997.  Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith for your future.


Being a business owner doesn’t mean you’re limited to having a brick and mortar store to spotlight your skills and make money. The internet offers you a wealth of opportunities to start your own business, often with little to no cost.  By focusing on your strengths you’ll be able to build a client roster and get your online business started.  These businesses can be done full or part-time.

Top 5 online Businesses for Women

  1. Social media Consultant – Larger companies hire an agency or full-time staff member to manage their social media accounts.  Small businesses usually have to handle their own accounts.  Business owners are often too busy, overwhelmed, or uneducated about the importance of a social media presence. As a consultant you can help them learn their best tactics for developing a media presence that works.
  2. Web Design – Nothing worse than a poorly done website.  You can put your skills to use for business owners who want to take their business to the next level.  Create attractive easy to use websites for small business.
  3. Online personal assistant – Do you have impeccable organizational skills, good communication, and problem solving skills?  You can put your skills to use by becoming an.
  4. Professional Freelancer – With more companies turning to part-time contracted workers the opportunity has never been better to become a professional freelancer.  Which is providing business with a variety of freelance services.  Depending on your skill set you can work for multiple companies at once.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – If you’re a person who loves leaving reviews online like amazon, vacation sites etc.. you can get paid for doing it.  If you have a personal website with a large following this can work to your advantage.  PR reps are always seeking out brand advocates.





Small start-up businesses

Businesswoman businessman reunion laptop desk colleagues

Fashion Design
small-business-alternative-lendersA nursery or flower shop

Smiling Mature Woman Florist Small Business Flower Shop Owner. Shallow Focus.

how-to-be-a-business-ownerPastry shop

women-business-ownerA consultant







Two attractive young people discussing business behind the counter of their deli



Couple standing in front of organic food store smiling

Small Business Owner Green Road Sign and Clouds

a sign post with marketing and strategy on street like signs




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10 Outfit Ideas for your 2016 Winter Date Night


It’s cold!  But you still want to look hot for your date.  Below freezing temperatures dictate wearing layers to insulate warmth.  It’s cozy sweater weather!  And you can be stylishly warm.  Millennials like to be casually stylish.  Whatever your plans for date night you’ll be ready with SCW’s  winter date night outfit picks.


  • The great thing about winter date night is you can pair a great sweater with a pair of leggings and boots and whola’  grab your stylish bag and go.

  • Leather.  Very hip and stylish (skirt or pants) can also be paired with a sweater and boots.

  • Dark Denim for winter clean and classic.  Can also be paired with sweater and boots.

  • A great pair of leather or suede long boots (heel or flat)


10 Stylish warm Date Night Looks







          New York City





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Habits of Successful Women



Success is not luck, it’s intentional.  There are certain habits that successful women all share.  In order to be successful you must do things on purpose!  There should be a purpose to everything we do. Ask yourself, “is what I’m doing bringing me closer to my goals or away from it”?  Time is precious and today matters, make it count!  Remember that time is our most precious commodity, once we lose it we can never get it back.  Spend your time wisely.  Spend it on things that will bring you closer to your goals, and the things that you enjoy, the people you enjoy.  Success is a habit.



1. Rise Early.  Super successful people, CEO’s and leaders all rise early to get a head start on the day. And of course smart successful moms add yourself to the list of leaders because you’re a leader as well.

2. Exercise in the morning. It takes real commitment, but has great benefit. You’ve knocked it out for the day, boosted your mental agility, increased your energy level and you’re all set to take on day!

3. Plan ahead and take digital notes.  She’s a planner, she plans ahead.  It’s good to take notes and review your reminder app on your phone a couple of times a week to stay on track.

4. Successful women challenge themselves.  She challenges herself, intellectually, mentally, physically. She’s always challenging herself to come up higher and achieve more.

5. She’s financially savvy.  It’s vitally important to be on top of our financial situation.  Successful women are successful because they manage the important areas of their life.  Financial stability is a huge part of life.  And that doesn’t mean you have to earn a six figure salary, but we do need to be good financial stewards of what God gives us.




Smart Tip of the Day:

Today is cyber Monday, the equivalent of black Friday for online shoppers.  Check out the deals, save some cash, shop smart.


Verse of the day:


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How to find Purpose in Life


Most people aren’t born knowing what to do with their lives.  It’s a struggle every adult goes through at one point or another in their lives.  Part of the problem is the concept of “a life’s purpose” the idea that we’re born for a higher purpose and it’s our life’s mission to find out what that is.  This idea intimidates most people.  However you need not feel intimidated, if you’re searching for your purpose in life your soul is on the right track.  The one question you must ask yourself is: “What do you want your legacy to be?”

In other words, how do you want to remembered?  For example: Maybe your passion is adopting children, and giving them love, guidance, and a secure home.  Whatever your passion is find it, pursue it, and live it.  Knowing your purpose is not something you’re born with it must be cultivated.  Having a direction adds meaning to your life.  It helps you to live longer, buffer against setbacks and is linked to well-being and an overall quality of life.


6  Questions to ask yourself to discover your purpose in Life

  •  If you knew you were going to die one year from today what would you do with your life?  How would you spend your time and what would be important to you?

  •  Who’s pain do you feel?  What bothers you to the point where you say, “I can do a better job than that.”

  •  What makes you forget to eat?  When you are so immersed in an activity  that time passes by without realizing it, psychologist call this the flow.

  •  What do you think about the most, but have not yet made a move in that direction?

  •  What do you feel the Holy spirit prompting you to do?  As Christians we are being led by the Spirit.  What does that still small voice inside say to you when you’re all alone and the distractions are tuned out?  What does your ideal life look like to you?

  •  What are you good at?  What brings you joy?

Smart tip of the day: God has a purpose for each one of us and everyone’s is different.  Pray and unlock the future to your purpose.

what is my purpose - spiritual and philosophical question in vintage wooden letterpress printing blocks isolated on white




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The Power of Now!

A7GKTG Portrait of a businesswoman

There’s no time like the present.  Do you find yourself regretting the past?  Or fearful of the future?  As a result not being fully present in the present moment?  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, all we have is now!  To be fully engaged in the moment is very powerful.  Living in the moment takes practice but when you learn how to live this way you’ll lead a fuller life and appreciate the beauty of the moment and the power of now!

5 Ways to Live the power of Now!

 Take action now.   So many times I’ve said to myself let me do this now while I’m thinking about it.  Time gets away from us.  We forget, there’s so many distractions, there’s no better time than now.

 Focus on the now.  Focus on what you’re doing.  Shut off the TV, turn off the computer, slow down and savor the present.

 Give thanks to God.  Be thankful and say so.  Be grateful for the blessings of the Lord and express gratitude.

 Don’t worry.  It’s much harder than it sounds, but worry is a thief.  Worrying takes you out of this moment and transports you into the realm of future possibilities.  Matthew 6:27 NIV,  “Who among you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” , Matthew 6:34 NIV,  “Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

 Perform random acts of kindness.  Do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.  For example, the next time you see an elderly lady struggling with her bags, carry them for her or you see a stranded motorist call for help.  Random acts of kindness not only help you to live in the moment but help you improve that moment for someone else, which in turns makes you feel good.  You never know how a small selfless act can make someone’s day and yours as well.




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Fun Summer Date Nights Ideas


Summer is when dating really heats up.  Warmer temperatures and longer days means there are more options than ever for getting outdoors and spending time with that special someone.  Our summer date night post happens to fall on Fathers Day weekend.  So that means this weekend ladies are picking up the tab for their special man and or Dad (and rightfully so).  So if you are all out of ideas consider trying some of the following Summer Date Night Ideas.




1.  For summer evenings Jazz clubs are a nice alternative to dinner as usual.  Enjoy dinner and a show in one place while unwinding and relaxing to smooth jazz.



2.  Sail the day away.  Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the day on the water.


3.  Feeling a little adventurous?  Parasailing is the perfect summer activity on the water for those who want to live on the edge.


4.  Kayaking, a calm and relaxing activity.


5.  See a play.  There are a lot of great plays running during summer.


  6.  What could be more fun than laughter?  Laugh it up at a local comedy club.

Daughter playing games with her father standing beside her in an amusement park

7.  Playing games at the State Fair is super fun!


8.  Pack up early and hit the beach for a fun day.


9.  The best concerts are always in the summer.


10. Summer double Date night.

  • Fathers Day Bonus Tip:  If your Dad loves to eat like all men do,  take him to a Sunday Brunch this Fathers Day June 19th.  Several varieties of different kinds of delicious foods are available.  It’s affordable and a great way to spend time with family over a meal.  Get your money’s worth at an all you can eat buffet.



Verse Of the day:

Beach with scripture copy


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Building Confidence


Everyone has struggled with confidence at some point in their life.  You’re not alone.  Two things you need to know.  You don’t have to feel confidence to project confidence, and everyone who looks confident isn’t.  You do not have to be perfect all the time, everyone has their moments.  Think of the obstacles that stand in the way of you feeling confident.  On a piece of paper write down all the things that you think are keeping you from becoming more confident,  i.e. bad grades, job you hate, introversion, social awkwardness, no friends, etc.
No one determines your self-worth but you.  Psalm 139,  “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  No matter how down you feel, try to pat yourself on the back a little and remember the things you excel at.  Focusing on your better attributes will distract you from perceived flaws and boost your self-worth.  You may not be able to do everything, but there are some things you were created to do and can do better than anyone else. Think of your good talents such as appearance, friendships, talents, skills, and most of all personality and character.
It’s important to look well, but its personality that will sustain you throughout your life.  Outward appearance is fleeting, it’s character that remains.  So focus on your character because your gifts will make room for you, Proverbs 18:16 & Proverbs 31:30,  “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the lord shall be praised.” 


     5 Tips to be more Confident

  1. Recognize confidence as  a process not a singular achievement.  There will be many times in life where you will need to be confident.  However, take it one day at a time, one situation at a time.  For example:  You have a presentation at work where you will have to stand in front of a crowd and speak.  Prepare yourself for this event, practice your speech over and over, rehearse it with people who will give you positive feedback as well as constructive criticism.  When you’re done you will have conquered your fear and as a result you will “feel” more confident the next time you have a presentation.  You may not feel confident at first, but do it anyway.

  2. Make eye contact.  Look people in the eye when you’re speaking to them.  It holds their attention and makes you a more effective communicator.

  3. Have confident Body language.  Another component to feeling more confident is to perfect your posture.  Eyes forward shoulders back, chin and head up.

  4. Drop the dead weight.  It’s hard to feel confident around people who bring you down.  At times in your life you will have to let go of old friends and get new ones, better ones.  People who encourage you and make you feel good.

  5. Build confidence by recognizing your good qualities and talents.  Write down all the things you do well.  Then write down all your best personality traits.  Focus on the things that are good in your life.  The Bible tells us what to think about.  Philippians 4:13, “Whatever is good whatever is noble, noteworthy and of good report think on these things. And Philippians 1:6,  “Being confident of this He that has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion.”





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