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Welcome new followers!  SCW’s popularity has grown tremendously.  Praise God for each person we’ve touched, for every article you’ve found interesting, for every scripture that has given you peace!  We’ve compiled a list of viewers statistical favorite posts.  We invite you to read and enjoy and always if you have a comment, we’d love to hear it.  This post marks our 800th POST!  Amazing even to us.  Time has just flown by.  SCW is your source for contemporary Christian reading that speaks in a modern way to our everyday lives, which uplifts and strengthens our spirit  through the word of God!


  • Faith

All of the blog post titles below are clickable links to the original posts.  Enjoy!

Spiritual Awakening

Called to be a light in a dark world

What does it mean to be a Christian Woman?

The Armour of God

Strengthening your family bond through Christ

How do I become a Christian?

Feeding your Spirit

The struggles of Christianity, Mind, Body and Spirit

Praise and Worship

5 Benefits of Praying Together as a Couple 

Holy Land Experience

Encouraging verses to comfort you in tough times

Beyond a Sunday morning Christian

Making your Exit, (Leaving behind what is not of God)

Spending Quiet Time with God

Being Grounded in Faith

Learning Spiritual discernment

Divine Healing

Living a Transformed Life


  • Married Women



Understanding Submission

Becoming a Godly Wife who honors her Husband

The Sexually Confident Wife

Balancing your role as a Wife and Mom

Submissive Wife Committed Husband

Being the Best helpmate to your Husband

Forgiveness and Trust in Marriage

Secret Sex lives of Conservative Christian Woman

The Color of Love, (Christian Interracial Marriages)

30 Days to Better Sex, (A journey through Intimacy)

Life after Divorce

Romance and Leisure for the Married Couple

Marriage Retreats

An Exceptional Wife

The Irresistible Wife

Showing Respect to your Husband

How to “Think Together” in Marriage

Keeping Love Alive after Baby Arrives

Keeping Passion Alive after Years of Marriage

Happy Wedding Anniversary 2018 to my Amazing Husband. Your Love is a Blessing.

  • Single Women


How to get past looks when Finding Love

Trusting God’s Timing for Christian Singles

Top Cities to meet Single Christian Men

Are you Dating a Gentlemen?

Destigmatizing Online Dating

Single Christian Women Love Yourselves

Christian Dating Principles – Waiting on the Man God has for You

10 Tips for Finding Mr. right

Handling Break ups for the Single Woman

Dating Guidelines For Singles

A Guide to First Dates

Can a Christian Woman be a Cougar? (#1 post)

Single Ladies: How to Attract the Guy You Want

10 Mistakes Women make in Online Dating Profiles

Where to Find Single Christian Men

8 Ways you’re Killing a Man’s Interest in You

It’s a Great Time to be a Single Woman over 40

Single Women: Show Him how to Treat You

  • Teen Girls

Christian Girls who become Christian Women

Teen Scene – How to Be the most Popular Girl in School

Teen girls, What young Christian Men Think About You

Youth on Fire

  • Professional Christian Women & Eutrapeurialship

21 Ways to God Given Wealth and Success

Women in Business & Entrepreneurship

Spotlight on Christian Business Women

Habits of Successful Women

Supplementing your Income with Side Jobs Online

Home based Business Ideas

Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Dressing for Professional Success

Couples (Dating, Engaged, long-term)

Ladies I want to emphasize what being a couple means, and what it should mean for a Christian Woman.  A Smart Christian woman Does not just aimlessly date without purpose with just any man who asks her out (as if).  No, a smart Christian woman wants a Godly man, the Christian man who god has for her.  Which means she only accepts date with men that are on the same page as her as far as her beliefs and values (A Christian man).  A man who has created a future for himself, is stable, and able to support a wife and family and wants to settle down.

That doesn’t mean on  the first date she tells him she wants to get married and have kids by next week!   Through conversation and getting to know someone it won’t take long at all to find out where this man’s head is at!  So you do want a man who is looking for that long-term relationship that leads to a life partnership!  So he’s either that type of man or he is  not, but in any case life is short and a smart woman doesn’t waste time with men who aren’t suitable for her ie unequally yoked!

5 Benefits of Praying Together as a Couple

How to tell if you’re in a Codependent Relationship

Couples Recharge

Couples Date Night at Home

The 80/20 Relationship Rule

Letting go of Bad Relationships

Fight the good fight turn Spats into Solutions

Couples Summer Date Night Ideas

Top Romantic Summer Getaways for Couples 2017

Healthy Relationships

  • Fitness

Best Workout Apps on your Phone

7 Habits of Healthy Women

Fit and Healthy

Smart and Fit

Healthy Habits of People who Stay Fit

7 Tips to Toned, tight, fit, and Amazing Inspiration

Eat Right get Slim

Fit Moms equals Hot Mommas

How to get your Body ready for Summer in 6 Weeks

  • All Women Category

How to take the stress out of Homemaking for the modern Woman

7 Habits to reclaim your Peace of Mind

Looking great at any age, 20s, 30s,40s, 50; and Beyond

Conquering feelings of being Overwhelmed

Purpose Driven Woman

Smart Women Smart Money

Maintaining Respect in Relationships

How Christian Women can Mentor and be Mentored

Smart Travel

Fun Frugal Date Nights

Love vs. Lust

Changing your Thinking

Successful Women Maintaining Relationships

Home buying tips for your First Home

Using Wisdom to make Decisions

Leadership and Masculine Energy

A Woman’s Confidence is Key

Law of Attraction

  • Overcoming Obstacles and Fear

Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder

Overcoming Addictions and Bad Habits

Suicide and Depression

Overcoming Grief

Breaking the cycle of Physical and Sexual Domestic Violence

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Overcoming Depression

Coping with Life’s transitions

Domestic Violence

How to Heal a Broken Heart

Building Strong Families in Christ

Encouragement for Difficult Times

Coping with Loneliness During the Holidays

Remembering Loved ones in Heaven

 I’m a Smart Christian Woman

I’m a Smart Christian Woman

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Spring Date Night ideas 2018

Time to enjoy the outdoors with that special someone.  There’s no better time than spring to enjoy the fresh air, and the beautiful flowers in bloom.  Having fun with activities, and creating memories.  Spring is the perfect time to enjoy great dates!


10 Spring Date Night Ideas


Pack a picnic basket and blanket, find a quiet spot to picnic in the park.  My husband and I have actually packed a lunch and grilled at the picnic site.  There were grills already there.  But you could bring your own small grill.  He loves to grill steaks, and they’re delicious!

Most cities have a “painting for couples and singles studio”.  It’s an activity meant to be interactive and fun with the goal of building team work and bringing you closer together.  Who cares that you can’t paint, the point of it is to spend time.

Kill 3 birds with one stone. Go  for a hike with your sweetie.  You’ll get exercise, explore the scenery and spend time with your significant other.  It’s a great way to reconnect.

Find an outdoor concert and double date. Outdoor concerts are fun and easy to find online and best of all most are free.

Find a cozy spot and hang out at your favorite park.  Stop and smell the roses.

Dine at a restaurant that has an outdoor Patio.  Take advantage of the opportunity to dine outside.

Not just a movie, try a 3D experience! love 3D it’s my favorite type of movie.  Action films are especially enjoyable with 3D you feel like you’re part of the action,.

Get dressed to the nines and  try at new restaurant that neither of you has been to.  There’s a tendency with couples to do the tried and true things.  However trying new things brings with it it’s own excitement.

Road Trip! Gas and Go, wherever the spirit leads.  May only be an hour or two away.  The objective is to have fun.

Begin or end your evening watching a beautiful sunset.

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Be the Woman God Created you to be!

Verse of the day;

I want to acknowledge the new followers of SCW!  God Bless you!  We’re glad you’re here, and we feel just as blessed to have you here.  May the peace of God carry you through your journey.  My family and I are praying for you, and ask that you pray for us.  As believers we’re all in this together. This is a place you can come and feed your faith enjoy modernized writing that reflects the times we are living in, and feel connected to like minded individuals.  Stay Strong!  We can do this, together!

To my followers:

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Winter Date Night & Valentines’s Day Ideas 2018

When budgeting for the essentials, it can be a challenge to try to add some fun and recreation into the mix.  Luckily date nights don’t have to be super expensive to be fun.  The bigger picture is you have someone to share life with and that’s pretty awesome!  You can go to the most expensive restaurant in town with a complete jerk!  That’s no fun.  The fun is in finding some special to spend time with, though hard as it may be a times.  However keep a positive an optimistic heart and you’ll attract the same!  Browse SCW’s list of free and frugal dates and perhaps it will inspire some ideas of your own!

Love is in the Air!  Time to celebrate the gift of love.  For me it’s not about gifts or doing some big exciting thing although that’s great too.  The luxury of having someone in your life is the real gift.  Having your spouse focus their undivided attention on you is sexy and romantic!

Valentines  Day Gift Baskets are a great gift idea for him or her.  Buying one as is fine.  Or you can be creative and put whatever you want in it to tailor it for a male or female.  Michael’s craft store has everything you need to DIY.  They have a variety of baskets to choose from, ribbons, fillers, it’s a fun little project.

Make reservations for a romantic night away from home.  Changing your environment and breaking routine from time to time can really spice things up.

Couples Massage. There’s something to be said for slowing down and being in the moment.

Commemorative Pillow Keepsake. Simply find a store that does engraving and show your valentine how thoughtful you are.

Not just a restaurant, but a Romantic restaurant , that’s dimly lit and sets the tone.

A private dining room.  Funny story, My husband and I were having dinner at a very elegant restaurant.  There were a trio of women near our table and they had been drinking a lot and were kinda loud.  He wasn’t going to stand for that, he got us a private dining room, very romantic.  I’m sure those rooms book up fast on holidays so book it now!

Turn your bedroom into cupid’s love nest. Your valentine will feel special that you took the time to do this, it shows your thoughtfulness.

Make a romantic dinner and have a quiet evening at home.

Flowers and Candy from a loving spouse still works!

After a romantic dinner warm up by the fire and have an intimate relaxing moment with desert.

Decadent desert.  It’s okay it’s Valentine’s Day.

No date tonight?  No worries, better to have no date then the wrong date.  Besides when the right one comes along it will be totally worth the wait.  Your Father in Heaven Loves you!  And unlike people, He loves you when you’re up and when your down.  He’s the one that can fix the broken places, heal your heart, and bring you the soul mate that you desire.  Psalms 37:4 “God will give you the desires of your heart!”

Verse of the day:

We love our readers and followers, Happy Valentines day to you all from SCW


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New Year’s Day 2018


Time to Reflect on the past year.  Reflect our success as well as our failures.  Reflect on our personal and spiritual growth.  Reflect on family and friends.  Ask yourself what changes do you want to make? What goals have you set for yourself in the new year? Reflect on your relationship with God.

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New Year’s Eve Party Planning & Safety Tips 2017

The New Year’s Eve Holiday is exciting and Fabulous!  With Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, it ‘s time to turn our thoughts to the New Year!  It’s a time to celebrate our accomplishments of the year, reflect on the goodness of God in our lives and how He has brought us through.  It’s also a time of reflection on the lessons He teaches us along the way, as well as time to look forward to the New Year!

The blessing of a new year gives us hope,  a fresh start, and a chance to be near those closest to us. Time to celebrate!  Yes you can plan an awesome party for New years eve inexpensively.  The Good thing is New Years eve at least is not one of those big food holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So you should be spending less on preparation.  New Years eve parties can be simple or fancy.  It’s really about having fun, seeing friends, and the countdown to midnight.  Of course you’ll have food but it doesn’t need to be over the top.  Traditionally New Years Day dinners are nice, but New Years eve you can get away with appetizers.  The number one rule keep it simple!

  1. Keep Decorations Simple.  Use candles! Set a nice table, (use  holiday decorations as in opening picture) Check out dollar store for banners, party hats, noisemakers, plastic ware, etc.. You’ll pay more at other stores and for throw aways, it just make sense.
  2. Host later in the evening. Hosting later in the evening allows you to serve a lighter meals or appetizers.  If people are arriving later, chances are they’ve eaten, and late new years eve parties often have champagne and appetizers not full course meals.  Serve Amazing appetizers like mini cheese burgers on a stick, buffalo wings, Baked Potato,topped with butter cheese and sour cream with bacon.
  3. Check the internet for free or cheap New Years eve events in your neighborhood.  Local community parties can be great, get your friends together and check out a local party.
  4. Host a potluck dinner.  You’ll have variety and save money on buying everything yourself.

  1. Have a designated driver.  If you are unable to get a designated driver, in most cities this is the only day of the year when cab rides are free if you’ve had too much drink.
  2.  Women should travel together to stay safe. There’s strength in numbers.  Or at least buddy up!  Two of you together rather than alone.
  3. Make sure phones are charged before going out, use a car charger if you have one.
  4. Use self control avoid drinking so much that you are unaware of your surroundings. Be alert.

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The Controversy Of Christians and Halloween and how to have Fun!

Do Christians celebrate Halloween?  The controversy  with Christians and Halloween as far as celebrating or not celebrating, stems from the fact that Halloween, no matter how commercialized, has pagan origins.  Are there things about Halloween that are anti-Christian and should be avoided? Absolutely.  In a word “Darkness” and anything the opposite of Love, because God is Love and there is no Darkness in Him.  Scripture does not speak about Halloween at all.  But it does give us some principles to live by.  The New Testament teaching on the occult is clear, Acts 8:9-24. The story of Simon, shows that occultism and Christianity don’t mix.  In the old testament witchcraft was punishable by death. Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 19:31.  So with or without Halloween, Christians do not celebrate darkness.

That being said those who have children and most do, you wouldn’t want your kids to feel as if they are being left out of all the “fun”.  There’s nothing wrong with the act of dressing in a costume and going to parties and filling their bags with candy, it’s a perfectly innocent thing for them.  No doubt their school will be having costume parties and providing candy for them.  Most parents want to allow children to have the fun of the season without the dark aspects and that is fine.  I was allowed as Child to celebrate Halloween and dress up in costume, trick or treat for candy.  However, my costume was never anything dark such as witches, demons, ghosts, etc….  There are much prettier and positive characters and costumes for your kids, such as superheroes, princess, angels.  I also don’t think there ‘s anything wrong with a scary movie. My family loved horror films. Being Christian is about  a heart attitude, and only God knows that. There are lots of ways for kids and adults to have fun with the day without being involved in the darker aspects of the event.  It doesn’t matter what day or holiday it is as Christian’s whatever you do or wherever you go let your light shine.  Enjoy the harvest!

Various ways for Christians to celebrate the Harvest with their kids

  • For adults, costume parties are fine.  Again as long as costumes aren’t dark or evil.

  • There are numerous places to take your child for Halloween without taking them door to door. (if that’s not your thing)  You can have a small party at your home for the kids or a neighbor’s home

  • Churches often have candy and dress up parties for the kids.

  • Schools participate in dress up and have parties.

  • Community centers have costume parties for kids as well.

  • Some Christians have an alternate “Harvest Party”  since fall is the time of harvest

  • Pumpkin Patches host candy hunts as well

Fun, positive costumes ideas for the whole family

  • You can show people that costumes don’t have to be dark or evil.  In fact your costumes are more fun and bring more smiles to people.  You are children of light.  You are good spirited, fun, and uplifting!

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