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Welcome new followers!  SCW’s popularity has grown tremendously.  Praise God for each person we’ve touched, for every article you’ve found interesting, for every scripture that has given you peace!  We’ve compiled a list of viewers statistical favorite posts.  We invite you to read and enjoy and always if you have a comment, we’d love to hear it.  This post marks our 800th POST!  Amazing even to us.  Time has just flown by.  SCW is your source for contemporary Christian reading that speaks in a modern way to our everyday lives, which uplifts and strengthens our spirit  through the word of God!


  • Faith

All of the blog post titles below are clickable links to the original posts.  Enjoy!

Spiritual Awakening

Called to be a light in a dark world

What does it mean to be a Christian Woman?

The Armour of God

Strengthening your family bond through Christ

How do I become a Christian?

Feeding your Spirit

The struggles of Christianity, Mind, Body and Spirit

Praise and Worship

5 Benefits of Praying Together as a Couple 

Holy Land Experience

Encouraging verses to comfort you in tough times

Beyond a Sunday morning Christian

Making your Exit, (Leaving behind what is not of God)

Spending Quiet Time with God

Being Grounded in Faith

Learning Spiritual discernment

Divine Healing

Living a Transformed Life


  • Married Women



Understanding Submission

Becoming a Godly Wife who honors her Husband

The Sexually Confident Wife

Balancing your role as a Wife and Mom

Submissive Wife Committed Husband

Being the Best helpmate to your Husband

Forgiveness and Trust in Marriage

Secret Sex lives of Conservative Christian Woman

The Color of Love, (Christian Interracial Marriages)

30 Days to Better Sex, (A journey through Intimacy)

Life after Divorce

Romance and Leisure for the Married Couple

Marriage Retreats

An Exceptional Wife

The Irresistible Wife

Showing Respect to your Husband

How to “Think Together” in Marriage

Keeping Love Alive after Baby Arrives

Keeping Passion Alive after Years of Marriage

Happy Wedding Anniversary 2018 to my Amazing Husband. Your Love is a Blessing.

  • Single Women


How to get past looks when Finding Love

Trusting God’s Timing for Christian Singles

Top Cities to meet Single Christian Men

Are you Dating a Gentlemen?

Destigmatizing Online Dating

Single Christian Women Love Yourselves

Christian Dating Principles – Waiting on the Man God has for You

10 Tips for Finding Mr. right

Handling Break ups for the Single Woman

Dating Guidelines For Singles

A Guide to First Dates

Can a Christian Woman be a Cougar? (#1 post)

Single Ladies: How to Attract the Guy You Want

10 Mistakes Women make in Online Dating Profiles

Where to Find Single Christian Men

8 Ways you’re Killing a Man’s Interest in You

It’s a Great Time to be a Single Woman over 40

Single Women: Show Him how to Treat You

  • Teen Girls

Christian Girls who become Christian Women

Teen Scene – How to Be the most Popular Girl in School

Teen girls, What young Christian Men Think About You

Youth on Fire

  • Professional Christian Women & Eutrapeurialship

21 Ways to God Given Wealth and Success

Women in Business & Entrepreneurship

Spotlight on Christian Business Women

Habits of Successful Women

Supplementing your Income with Side Jobs Online

Home based Business Ideas

Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Dressing for Professional Success

Couples (Dating, Engaged, long-term)

Ladies I want to emphasize what being a couple means, and what it should mean for a Christian Woman.  A Smart Christian woman Does not just aimlessly date without purpose with just any man who asks her out (as if).  No, a smart Christian woman wants a Godly man, the Christian man who god has for her.  Which means she only accepts date with men that are on the same page as her as far as her beliefs and values (A Christian man).  A man who has created a future for himself, is stable, and able to support a wife and family and wants to settle down.

That doesn’t mean on  the first date she tells him she wants to get married and have kids by next week!   Through conversation and getting to know someone it won’t take long at all to find out where this man’s head is at!  So you do want a man who is looking for that long-term relationship that leads to a life partnership!  So he’s either that type of man or he is  not, but in any case life is short and a smart woman doesn’t waste time with men who aren’t suitable for her ie unequally yoked!

5 Benefits of Praying Together as a Couple

How to tell if you’re in a Codependent Relationship

Couples Recharge

Couples Date Night at Home

The 80/20 Relationship Rule

Letting go of Bad Relationships

Fight the good fight turn Spats into Solutions

Couples Summer Date Night Ideas

Top Romantic Summer Getaways for Couples 2017

Healthy Relationships

  • Fitness

Best Workout Apps on your Phone

7 Habits of Healthy Women

Fit and Healthy

Smart and Fit

Healthy Habits of People who Stay Fit

7 Tips to Toned, tight, fit, and Amazing Inspiration

Eat Right get Slim

Fit Moms equals Hot Mommas

How to get your Body ready for Summer in 6 Weeks

  • All Women Category

How to take the stress out of Homemaking for the modern Woman

7 Habits to reclaim your Peace of Mind

Looking great at any age, 20s, 30s,40s, 50; and Beyond

Conquering feelings of being Overwhelmed

Purpose Driven Woman

Smart Women Smart Money

Maintaining Respect in Relationships

How Christian Women can Mentor and be Mentored

Smart Travel

Fun Frugal Date Nights

Love vs. Lust

Changing your Thinking

Successful Women Maintaining Relationships

Home buying tips for your First Home

Using Wisdom to make Decisions

Leadership and Masculine Energy

A Woman’s Confidence is Key

Law of Attraction

  • Overcoming Obstacles and Fear

Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder

Overcoming Addictions and Bad Habits

Suicide and Depression

Overcoming Grief

Breaking the cycle of Physical and Sexual Domestic Violence

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Overcoming Depression

Coping with Life’s transitions

Domestic Violence

How to Heal a Broken Heart

Building Strong Families in Christ

Encouragement for Difficult Times

Coping with Loneliness During the Holidays

Remembering Loved ones in Heaven

 I’m a Smart Christian Woman

I’m a Smart Christian Woman

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Fall Style 2017

It’s that time of year again where the mornings are crisp and the nights a little cooler.  Time to step out in style for the fall 2017 season!


  • Classic Black and white never goes out of style.

  • The Color red is red-hot for the fall season

  • Casual shades of Grey


  • Build your wardrobe one piece at a time with neutral colors that can be worn with various pieces

  • Nice high boot and chic bag are always on trend for fall.  The long suede boot is a must have for fashionistas


  • From office to evening casual

SCW sends its heartfelt condolences and prayers of healing to all of the victims of the senseless and evil Las Vegas shooting.  Thank you first responders for your swift, professional response and bravery.  May our God comfort all those affected. 

Verse of the day:

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Stylish Summer 2017

The 2017 summer season is so exciting!  From fit to flare, to casual wear, to evening, daytime, beautiful dresses & skirts perfect for the stylishly feminine modest woman.  The best looks, trends, and shopping picks for summer style.

What’s trending?

  • Cotton Summer casual

  • Denim

  • Denim Mini

  • Florals

  •  Sunday Best

  • Date Night

  • Evening Cocktail dress


  • Summer getaway dress

Bags & heels

Color trend 2017 Canary Yellow

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God’s women Rock Classy

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Spring Date Night Outfits

Your flower is in bloom this Spring 2017.  Revitalize your spring date night wardrobe. The designers are celebrating femininity this season with a burst of color. In silk satin or cotton, looking for that pretty, fun, casual date night dress or maybe a cocktail dress. Check out SCW style picks for top date night dresses of the season.

20 Spring Date Night Outfits


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Spring Trends 2017


SCW’s spring and summer preview has it all for you!  Color trends, from professional wear to casual wear, makeup and hair.  Spring is almost here!  And it’s never looked so good!  This seasons fashions are bold, feminine, and fun.  Runaways have been buzzing with excitement from New York to Milan.


  • Professional wear



Casual Dressy


Chloe, Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Paris


















Date Night Casual Spring in slimming basic black




Summer Preview




Hair 2017







Elopement Dress



Simplistic satin glamour


Mermaid High drama dress


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Valentine’s Day Date Night


Welcome to SCW’s  Special Valentine’s Day Weekend edition where we are celebrating VDay all weekend, straight through to the big day!

  • Friday: What to wear? Valentine’s Day date night outfits
  • Saturday: What to buy?
  • Sunday: What to eat?
  • Monday: What to do?
  • Tuesday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Getting ready for such a romantic evening should be fun. So don’t take the fun out of it by stressing over what to wear. To save you from unwanted stress SCW has you covered. I’ve rounded up some classy ideas to get you started, whether it’s a first date, romantic date, Single and dating, or married, the object of the evening is to look great and have fun! Find the perfect look to help you exude confidence for the big night. But first let’s get started with some confidence building tips.


4 Tips for your VDay date night outfit

The secret to a great looking outfit that looks good on you is to first have the right size, there is no great outfit without a great “Fit”

Look for dresses that complement your body type. For instance if you’ve recently had a baby do not pick a tight dress that draws attention to your mid section. Black dresses and pants are slimming.

Red is the color of love and a VDay favorite! However there’s no law that says you have to wear red. Wear what looks good on you no matter the color because that is what your date will remember that you looked good!

When it comes to dresses go long, go short, whatever compliments your body type and you feel good in. For example if you’re tall you may want to show off your legs and opt for a shorter dress.



Casual VDay date night, perhaps a first date on VDay in which case you don’t want to seem too presumptuous but instead one day at a time. No law that says you have to wear a dress.  Dressy casual is the term.


Black dress, red shoe, romantic date night



Tall and statuesque women show off your legs.



  • Don’t have a date for VDay this year? Rock your confidence! And you’re on your way to having one next year.


  • Above all else you want to be comfortable. Buy your clothes from a maternity shop. They are made to give you plenty of extra room and comfort, and stylishly plays up your beautiful condition.



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New Year Affirmation



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SCW 2017 Highlights & Verse of the Day



Hello friends,
To God be the Glory
in spite of whatever problems you may have.  Yesterday was my official start of my holiday winter break. Although I’ll have other work endeavors to keep me busy, right now I’m just concentrating on the holidays and family. So I want to give you guys the full schedule for the upcoming new year. As I said there will be posts for the remainder of the year, lots to read.  Once 2017 arrives we will kick off the new year with some awesome posts for the first week of the new year.  After the first week of January there will be encouragement daily of course.  However there will only be time to post on specific days.  Until then you have over 600 posts to enjoy.  I will return in February in time for Valentines Day!

Coming up in January 2017:

  • Get healthy and Fit for 2017

  • Habits of successful Couples

  • Habits of financially successful women

  • Revamp your online Profile

  • Women’s ministry

  • Women in Business

    2017 SCW post schedule Highlights:

  • Valentines date night outfits

  • Valentines date night dates

  • Posts for Married Couples

  • Posts for Singles

  • Posts for Family life

  • Posts to build faith

  • Spring date night outfits

  • Spring Date Nights

  • Spring Getaway

  • Wedding Season posts

  • Mothers Day gifts for mom

  • Mothers Day dates

  • Memorial Day

  • Summer Getaway

  • Summer fashionistas date night outfits

  • Summer date nights

  • Fall date night outfits

  • fall date nights

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Posts

  • Christmas Holiday Posts

  • New years  Holiday posts

SCW will post on all important dates and holidays throughout the year.  We’ve been doing revamping to the site.  Don’t forget to check out our new holiday special edition of the “About the Author” page (click the link). Too many posts to name them all, but this gives you an idea of the post schedule and what to expect. We’re really excited for the new year!

Smart tip of the day: Never lose hope!  This is the season of hope.


  • My wish for you is that those who are bound God Grants Freedom

  • Those who are lost God grants sight and direction

  • Those who spirits are dark God grants light

  • Those of you who need guidance, God will show you the way

  • Those who need Love God sends love your way.

Peace and God Bless to everyone, I hope you get everything you want and if you don’t get it, God just has something better for you!  Trust in him!


We thank all our blessed readers and followers for your continued support and prayers. We appreciate You!

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Winter Fashionistas 2016


Looking good while dressing warm that’s the ticket. Your first line of defense in cold weather is a stylish yet warm coat. From wool to fleece the three quarter coat is what’s on trend this season. A stylish coat, great boots, warm sweater skinny pant, or jeans grab your stylish bag and head out to brave the colder temperatures while looking hot!


  • Coats






  • Casual





  • Office





  • Top 5 retail gift cards of 2016 for fashion






  • For Him





Verse of the day:


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10 Outfit Ideas for your 2016 Winter Date Night


It’s cold!  But you still want to look hot for your date.  Below freezing temperatures dictate wearing layers to insulate warmth.  It’s cozy sweater weather!  And you can be stylishly warm.  Millennials like to be casually stylish.  Whatever your plans for date night you’ll be ready with SCW’s  winter date night outfit picks.


  • The great thing about winter date night is you can pair a great sweater with a pair of leggings and boots and whola’  grab your stylish bag and go.

  • Leather.  Very hip and stylish (skirt or pants) can also be paired with a sweater and boots.

  • Dark Denim for winter clean and classic.  Can also be paired with sweater and boots.

  • A great pair of leather or suede long boots (heel or flat)


10 Stylish warm Date Night Looks







          New York City





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Fall date night outfit Ideas


Getting dressed for a date doesn’t have to be stressful.  Finding an outfit that shows off your personality, makes you confident, and  is comfortable is exactly what you need in a date night outfit this fall.  We’ve gathered date night outfits that are perfect for fall from the office, day to evening, to Friday casual.  Have fun with your fall wardrobe and embrace beautiful colors and textures.  What’s hot this fall is what works for you.



  • Professional




  • Young Professional casual Friday


  • Casual Dressy



  • Denim



  • The sweater dress




  • SCW’s pick 12 Bonus looks



f4294734dc2f4d06c16d77eb8922ff08 f5313d7f061a3866ca8e43eb66147f73

fall-work-outfits-professional-chic-best-outfits-7 coral-button-down-denim-colored-pencil-skirt-white-blazer-brown-peep-toe-heels-and-matching-skinny-belt-with-simple-gold-accessories-totally-doable-a-purse-that-matches-perfectly-right-still-v




Verse of the Day:


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Fall 2016 fashionistas What’s hot for Fall?

Fall is your season to shine!
 Warm colors, and vibrant tones.  From professional to casual SCW has you covered on what’s hot for fall 2016.



What’s hot for Fall?  Trends and Colors, and must haves

  • Office



Casual Friday


  • Leisure Casual

Cozy, Casual, Leisure.  This season it’s all about the Boot.  The boot, a great bag and scarf.




5 Must have items for Fall

  • A great tote or handbag fall dictates going with a medium size purse.

  •  Knee length boots, casual rider, leather, suede.

  • A stylish scarf

  • Leggings

  • Boot cut jeans



Verse of the Day:


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Summer fashion Trends and Tips


As the sun heats up in August women want to stay cool while looking their best.  SCW is giving you the best in summer tips, trends, and tricks, from head to toe.  So let’s go!  There’s still lots of warm weather left to enjoy.

Attractive summer woman enjoying her time outside in park with blue sky in background.


  • Summer Hair

Tip #1,  Long or short get your hair out of your face.

Tip #2,  No matter the style, length,or color of your hair, whatever you rock just make sure it looks good!!!

Hayden Panettiere 24771b7f17cd251ba132b21c095ad21b4

Fun beautiful french braids


Long and silky straight or a short curly textured crop


Chin length bob or short pixie cut

  • Skin and Makeup

Tip #3,  Always use sunscreen whenever your skin is exposed to the sun to prevent sunburn sun damage and premature aging.

Tip #4,  In warm weather Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, your skin with an all over moisturizer after every bath and shower.  The skin tends to dry out more in the heat.

Tip #5,  Make a habit of washing your face before bed to remove all makeup.  Makeup left on overnight will clog your pores and the results will be acne.


  • Summer is a great time for a facial


  • Less is more in summer makeup


  • Lightweight makeup for darker and lighter skin types

  • For women of color, Iman has a new skin care line of toners for all shades of color

  • Get that beautiful summer glow for bronze beautiful women of color, try Clinique and Mac





  • Summer Glow even toned skin


Beautiful hair, lightweight makeup and a gorgeous manicure and pedicure all set to go!


  • Get that Bronze glowing look for lighter toned skin

glowing summer skin

  • Nails

Tip #6,  Use a foot cream after showers, baths, and pedicures to soften your feet, Our feet tend to dry out in the summer.

Tip #7,  I recommend Ms. Pedicure foot cream, (CVS, Walmart)



  • What’s trending in summer wardrobe?  The long and the short of it.

  • There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who takes good care of herself.  Men notice!

  • It starts with a beautiful spirit, a healthy mind and body, and a beautiful appearance.

  • You don’t have to look like a model, just look like you care about your appearance and you’ll attract a man that cares about himself.  You don’t attract who you want, you attract who you are.


The maxi dress, super feminine fun, flirty,Ladylike


The one piece romper is back classy, feminine, cool


The must have Cover Up in beautiful colors


From casual denim, day to evening elegance, or date night sexy these sexy summer pieces turn up the heat.


The sexy crochet one piece the hottest trend of the summer


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15 Looks Moms can’t pull off anymore!


Wearing the wrong outfit can make you stick out like a sore thumb.  The years have gone by and though you may feel great you’ve changed, yep you’re a mom now and your taste for fashion has to change with it.  Fashion being the operative word.  Fashions change but style remains.  So at this point in your life you should concentrate more classic conservative style.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, look great, even hot.  It just means some adjustments will have to be made to accommodate the “Grown up style”.  So pass the torch to your teen daughter to wear all the trends.  You stick to a more sophisticated classy style.  Below are 15 looks that mom either shouldn’t do or should not try to pull off anymore.


  1. The Club night mini dress is a definite no-no.

  • Do try one of these looks for your summer night out, or date night.



  2.  Pants that look like they belong to a tween doesn’t belong in your closet.  As well as too sparkly embellishments and writing, or too low are not mommy run fashion05-25-10_MG_5860

  • Do wear a nice pair of crisp white cotton pants for the seasonlooks-moms-shouldnt-wear-tube-top-strapless-compressed

  3.  No one wants t feel like their mom is about to have a ” Janet Jackson” pop up moment.

  • Do tame your chest and wear flattering styles representing your kids and husband.



  4.  Mini skirt and high heels really?  This screams I’m desperate look at me!

Looking for a shorter dress style for summer for a grown up woman, try the shirt dress. They are stylish lightweight, breathable, comfortable for summer.

Cool-Shirt-Dress-for-Women-Fashion TIE-WAIST-SHIRT-DRESS


  5.  Don’t embarrass yourself in front of your neighbors by drawing attention to yourself with what you wear.  i.e. really short shorts, spandex, heels, in the garden?  Looks desperate.

  • Do dress appropriately while gardening



          6.  A tattooed grandma is not a good look

  • Do be the type of grandma your children and grandchildren can be proud of.



                 7.  Butterfly hair clips are so tween.

  • Do wear sophisticated  pins



  8.  See through mesh doesn’t flatter.


  • Instead a satin black evening dress classy and elegant

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 18: Julie Verhoeven, Lulu Kennedy and Gwendoline Christie attend the front row for the Roksanda Ilincic show on day 5 of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013, at the Savoy Ballroom on September 18, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Nick Harvey/WireImage)

    9.  Colored hair radical hippy chick really?  Your punk rock days are over.

  • Instead try a soft feminine style that flatters your face.  Get a professional cut and style.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 05: Actress Helen Mirren attends the after party for the New York premiere of "Arthur" at The Harvard Club on April 5, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)


  10.  Letting your glutes hangout in public doesn’t reflect a confident composed wife and mother.

  • Do wear a nice pair of conservative white shorts for the season.




  11.  Short tops that show off the midsection are best left to teens.

  • Do wear flattering blouses and tops that are feminine and pretty



  12.  Oversized purses that weigh you down are out.  Simplify your life.



  13. Nothing says old hag like an unflattering bikini.  While your bikini days may be over you can still look good on the beach in a suit that flatters your body type.  Don’t try to squeeze a size 12 ,14, and up into a two piece suit.

  • Do try a flattering sexy plus size one piece.  Ashley Stuart is a great store for plus size girls they have all the latest styles in your size.



  • Also try a cover up, they work nicely to cover problem areas.



14.  Some women are not comfortable showing their legs in summer because of problem areas.  You can work on that with a professional cellulite rub.  In the meantime you can still be stylish and look good this summer with exposing your full leg in public.  Capri pants are a girls best friend

  • Do try a pair of Capri pants plus size goes from size 12 -22



  • The medium size bag for day and a stylish classic clutch for night.


 15.  High waisted styles are unflattering and make you fall victim to the term: “Mom Jeans” which are actually real and sell.  Accentuate the positive without revealing much as any self-respecting mom and wife would do.

  • Instead do a dark denim skinny jean.  Dark denim is great can be dressed up with great tops and heels.

07137e5510ef29b9418657ec78ee3fd4 beige-blazer-and-white-crew-neck-t-shirt-and-black-jeans-and-beige-heels-original-883


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