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Contentment in Difficult Times

“Hold Fast to what is good” 1 Thessalonians 5:21. Let the blessings of God take center stage in your mind. In the midst of difficult times you can find something to grateful for. The so called little things like health of yourself and family, shelter, and love. If all hell is breaking loose in your life right now, hold on, a blessing is on the way. As mature Christians we know that God is with us in the battle! But the battle is not ours it belongs to the lord.  As our world slowly returns to a new normal we are struggling to adjust and adapt to the times in which we find ourselves.

Personally having freedoms taken away has just made me want to embrace life more fully as soon as we are able. It has made me more grateful to God more thankful, and more prayerful. Everything in your life may not be as you’d like at this moment but you certainly find something to be grateful for. Another thing that helps to take our minds off of ourselves is to reach out to someone that you can help. You may think, “I can barley help myself right now”, while that may be true, there is someone worse off than you that your help would be a blessing to.  I want to encourage you in this season that joy is coming in the morning.  The joy will come back to your life!

Isaiah 41:13 For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:11 “be content” no matter what our circumstances are. Paul said, I have learned in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content. The Amplified Bible describes being content as satisfied to the point where you are not disturbed or disquieted.

2 Corinthians 5:7  I will walk by faith even when I can not see

In the Wake of Cov-19 Many Americans have opted to forgo a vacation this summer. The biggest reason they simply can’t afford it. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. Although the word vacation  has taken on a different meaning this year. Most people just want to get out and enjoy the weather, it may mean taking a vacation from home. The home has become the office and retreat now.  While it is a blessing for many to be able to structure their lives and work from home. The isolation can start to have negative effects on the mind and body as we are social creatures.

Most who want to respect social distancing laws while having a little fun has proven to be difficult at times.  Beaches here in Southern California reopened Memorial day weekend to Californians delight. Some states are beginning to reopen businesses. There is talk of lifting the ban by 4th of July.

Of course everything at this point is kind of a wait and see situation with plans subject to change at anytime but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to salvage some of the summer for the sake of our sanity. However on a lighter note most people are bursting at the seams to get out and enjoy life again!  And who can blame them.  Even if your unable to take the vacation you’d like to have you can do a mini staycation that will allow you to get out with as less expense to your budget as possible. In light of the circumstances of this year you may want to readjust your thinking  for vacation.  Instead of wall to wall crowding situations.  Think less populated, safe, remote locations and getaways.

Family getaway to the mountains and hiking trails.

Camping under the stars


Remote lakes and waterfalls

Remote Beaches


To all  our followers and viewers, we pray for you. May God Bless your households and families as we continue to move forward during this difficult time thank you for reading SCW.

Verse of the Day:

In memory of George Floyd. Rest in Peace.  To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. Prayers go out to the family of George Floyd may God grant you peace and Justice!   Romans 12:17-19 the apostle Paul tells us, “I will repay,’ says the Lord.” (MEV) This passage comforts us with the truth that God will be the one exacting vengeance for all the wrongs we have received. 

Memorial Day Holiday and the start of Summer

Time to unwind! Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of Summer! Millions of hard-working Americans take vacation time during the summer months.  Did you know that rest is a mandate in the Bible?  Exodus 33:14 “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” God never intended for us to overwork and overwhelm ourselves.  He wants us to be productive.  However, the body must have rest.  I should take my own advice!  When I’m supposed to be resting, I’m thinking about all the things I need to do next instead of just living in the moment!

We shouldn’t let life just go rushing by without taking the time to enjoy our blessings and the people we love and those that love us!  Or simply just take time out for ourselves. So what are your plans for the summer?  Whether you’re looking for a family, couples, or singles getaway SCW has you covered with budget friendly affordable getaways for your fun in the sun!

  • Disney World Florida – experience the world of Disney along with Florida’s Epcot center in one magical adventure
  • Disneyland California – Who doesn’t want to visit the Happiest place on earth
  • Grand Canyon – Explore the beauty of this vast wonder
  • Grand Country Resort Water park Missouri -fun in the sun with water coasters and water rides and attractions
  • Texas Hill Country River region – your water tubing adventure awaits
  • Naples Ft Myers Florida – Swim and interact with the dolphins.

  • The Carribean – sun and sand await at affordable rates for “adults only” at all inclusive packages including air and hotel stay.
  • Pebble Beach Resorts – Your romantic seaside escape awaits
  • Panama City Beach, Florida – Lower Grand Lagoon Vacation rentals for under $100
  • Meritage Resort – Couples activities, classic Napa experiences, swimming, sports lounge, spa, elegant dining. Best internet rate guaranteed from$ 136.00/night


  • Summer Singles Cruises.com 7to10 night cruises all inclusive packages available sail the wide open seas and make a connection, romance is in the air!
  • Silversea luxury cruises – 25% off singles fare, destinations include US,Greece Puerto Rico, Brazil,
  • Turks and Caicos – Meet that special new someone aboard the high seas with other singles hoping to make a
  • Turtle Inn Belize – A secluded hideaway on a  sandy beach, pristine coral reef and tons of outdoor activities you may not have time to get around to all this destination has to offer.
  • Sylvia Beach Hotel – in Oregon- overlooking Sylvia beach perched atop a cliff with gorgeous panoramic views.

Verse of the day:

Honoring those who lost their lives defending the freedoms of this country, remember those who defended the freedoms we enjoy!

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SCW Lifestyle

Vacation time is here again!  God wants our lives to be a healthy mix of productive work, rest and leisure.  School is out and you’ve got plenty of vacation time.  Summer is the best time to plan a family vacation with the kids.  Whether you enjoy the beaches, national parks, or snorkeling on an island, booking ahead and planning wisely results in budget family trips that are a sure hit!


Top 5 Summer Vacation Budget friendly trips for families


Fort Lauderdale Florida, Clean pristine family friendly beaches  and has tons of vacation packages online

Hershey park Pennsylvania, Round up the kids for an action packed adventure trip to your favorite theme park.  Hershey offers affordable accommodation packages.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Enjoy the charm and hospitality of the South.  Fort Lauderdale offers family packages online.

Yosemite National Park California, Big on scenery and high on low maintenance, restful, relaxing vacations.  Yosemite National Park is the place to be and see the beauty of the West!

Grand Canyon Arizona, The Canyon remains one the most visited attractions in America.  Hike, explore, take a helicopter tour, the canyon never disappoints.  There are numerous accommodation packages for families online.

Married Couples reconnect,  Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Looking for a great Honeymoon location?

Top 3 Couples all-inclusive options to get more bang! For your buck!

St. Lucia, all-inclusive resort packages

All Inclusive Couples Cruises, The level of service an attention to detail is outstanding on a cruise.

All Inclusive Couples Resorts,adults only.  I love the atmosphere of an adult only trip.  It sets a tone for guests to really focus on each other.  Sandals offers great accommodations in awesome locations.

Have a great Summer!

Honoring Fathers in the month of June.

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Memorial Day Celebration

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Authors Note:

Celebrate, honor, remember, and have fun!  As we settle in for a long holiday weekend this Memorial Day, let’s be mindful to count our blessings!  There is so much to be thankful for like our health, our families, God’s provision, and protection.  It’s often all too easy to find something to complain about.

Replace any negative comments with a positive one.  It could always be worse.  Instead let’s celebrate our good fortune and thank God for all that we do have!  What are you thankful for today? How has the Lord blessed you and your Family?  How will you spend your Memorial Day weekend.  Here in the SCW family we’ve had lots of activity over the past couple weeks and we’re happy to stay at home and relax this weekend!!!  YaY!!!  Of course, there will be lots of delicious food, some items on the menu are Barbecue Ribs, fresh corn on the cob, baked beans, garden salad,macaroni salad, chicken breast etc… Those of you hitting the road this weekend, please be safe.  From our family to yours wishing you happy Memorial Day weekend!!


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Family Winter Travel & Leisure 2018

The beauty of winter brings adventures in the snow!  If you’re like me you love winter sports,  outdoor activities, and scenic mountain getaways!  The great thing about California is that you can enjoy both the Ocean and the Mountains all in one day if you like.  I love the ocean, it’s one of my favorite  places to relax but so are the mountains!  The snow covered mountains of wintergetawys are fun for the entire family!  We’re counting down the top 5 winter destinations of 2018!  The best locales for skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, and snowboarding!  Of course no winter getaway would be complete without a cozy cabin retreat after a long day on the slopes!  Each location has plenty of local hotels, some within walking distance to the slopes, but for the whole family nothing beats a log cabin in the snow! I’ll share some pics from our winter getaway when we return!


Heavenly Lake Tahoe Search: Tahovacation

Lake Catherine Utah Search:

Colorado Winter Park, Search

Blue Ridge Mountains Search

Big Bear Mountain California Search:

  • Shopping

  • LodgingWhen traveling with the kids instead of getting two or three hotel rooms for multiple days to accommodate all of you.  Pack up the whole gang and do a cabin, so that you can all be together!  It’s smarter, more practical and saves money.


Author’s Note: 

Shout out to January Birthdays!

My Grandfather Thomas Newman January 6th

My Cousin Tinea Blue January 5th

My birthday January 13th

Charles Newman January 13th


Happy Birthday to SCW Publisher Monique!

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Labor Day Holiday 2017

How will you spend your Labor day?

  • Barbecue with family and friends

  • Outdoor Concert


  • Family day at the beach
  • Water Park with the kids park

  •  Maybe you have a date

Whatever you choose enjoy the fruits of your labor and have a blessed Labor Day and be safe!!  To all of my followers and readers Thanks for reading SCW.  It’s going to be a lazy day at our house today with my husband off work.  We’re just going to have good food, and lots of relaxation.  We’ve been celebrating all weekend my husband’s birthday is Labor Day.  So we had a couple of celebrations to accommodate the kids work schedules.  But they were all here last night, it was fun we filled up on a roast beef dinner, cake and ice cream .

We love our readers!!!!!!!!

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Labor Day Weekend 2017

Time for a little R&R ( rest and relaxation).  Labor day is a special day for our country as a whole. It’s what makes this land great the “American Workers”.  With increasingly tough times for people it’s a blessing to have a job or career.  To be able to earn and provide for our families, stimulate the economy and sow our seeds with tithes and offerings.  To be blessed enough to be charitable and give donations, give back to our communities and help other people is a blessing.  This weekend millions of families will hit the beaches, barbecues, travel the roads, and by air to see family and friends.  Or maybe you’re hosting a Labor Day gathering and expecting guests.  Whatever you choose take advantage of the long holiday weekend.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Psalm 90:17, “May the favor of the Lord God rest on us, and establish the work of our hands for us.”

  • When traveling with kids. Be prepared with a first aid kit for minor mishaps.

  •  Apply sunscreen for the whole family before hitting the water to protect from burns.

  • Pack lots of water bottles juices and snacks for the kids.

  • If you’re packing a lunch to take to the beach, pack them fresh before leaving

  • Get an early start so that you arrive early and pick out a good spot for your family as the beaches will be crowded that day.

  • Road Trip Tips

  • Have your car serviced before your trip.

  • Be prepared with a roadside kit and spare tire.

  • Make sure children are safe, properly strapping them in and using car seats.

  • Children can get restless on long road trips.  Be sure to pack things to keep them occupied.  Depending on their ages, whether it’s coloring books, hand held computer games, laptops, books, favorite toys etc..


Verse of the day:

Birthday Announcement

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Best Cities for Singles

Christian singles ready to mingle must have direction.  They must know which geographical locations are best for what they seek.  SCW has compiled a list of the best cities for singles to meet and find love.  Of Course a Smart Christian woman doesn’t  go hunting for a man “as if”.  She merely presents herself and “attracts” possible suitors.  So here we go.

Although more and more people are meeting online there are still locations that are better than others for singles based on number of single people VS. married people alone.  Because we are focusing on young singles, please bear in mind that all of these statistics are applicable to young professionals ages 20-40 for the purpose of this post.

Metrics based on:

  • Unemployment rate – Low unemployment is indicative of a strong employment market.  Which is good for carrier focused singles.
  • Median rent – The more affordable a city is the smaller the incentive to shack up purely for financial reasons.
  • The Percentage of singles The US census Bureau tracks the number of single households in each state. 
  • Entertainment establishments per 100,000 residents This includes, bowling alleys, arcades, sports stadiums etc..  Fun activities that bring singles together.
  • Houses of Worship – Christian assembly is still a great way to meet new like-minded people.

Top 5 Cities for Singles

Portland Maine In Portland the unemployment rate is 3.1%.  About a quarter of the city’s adult population ages 20 to 34 are unmarried.  The median monthly rent is $900.  Maine boasts over 300 Christian Churches.

Asheville North Carolina  The unemployment rate is 3.4%.  Asheville has a large population of young singles and college students.  Average median rent is $830.  Asheville has about 60 Christian Churches, seems a little low for the south so if you live in Asheville give me a shout out and correct me if I’m wrong.

Champaign Illinois The average age is 27.  Champagne median cost of living is cheaper than the US average.  Median rent $660-$825.  As Illinois is a large state they boast a lot of Mega Churches.  Search Illinois mega churches.

Miami Beach Florida –  In Miami 28% of the population is single.  With a population of 5.5 million.  Miami Beach is a tourist town with lots to see and do so you can feel like you’re living on vacation. The unemployment rate is a low 4%.  The media rent is $1,075.  39.76% of people in Miami are affiliated with a religion 5.66% are Christian.

Downtown Columbia Missouri The median resident age in Missouri is 26.8 years.  Median rent is $768.  Missouri has all denominations of churches and a large Christian church community.

  •  Christian  Dating Websites


  • Christian Cafe

  • Singles Of Faith

  • C Match – Connecting Christians Worldwide

Coming in August:

How to get and keep the man you want through building intimacy.


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Happy 4th of July weekend

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Coming up in July

  • Summer Wedding Guide 2017
  • Most popular post Review Can a Christian woman be a cougar?
  • Delicious Summer meals in 30 minutes or less
  • Best Cities for Singles guide 2017
  • Secrets of Happily Married Couples


Summer Inspiration & Safety travel tips 2017

  • Summer is a time for fun, food, relaxation, travel, outdoor activities, and vacation.  Being smart means a summer safety checklist that will ensure you keep your family safe.  Following these simple effective tips will take the worry out of your summer adventures.  With the 4th of July holiday coming up millions of people will hit the road.  So whether you’re hosting guests, traveling by car, plane, or train make sure safety is first for a stress free summer travel.
  • Smart safety tip of the day:  Do not announce on Facebook or any other social media platform that you will be on vacation and will not be at home!!!

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Summer Family Vacation Getaway 2017

Planning your  Family vacation summer getaway?  In need of some awesome destinations that will fill your kid’s need for adventure and your desire to relax and explore?  Summer 2017 has it all, and there are plenty of wallet friendly deals online to make sure your family summer vacation is big on adventure.  SCW’s top summer destination picks have a lot of super fun family activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Top Summer getaways for Families 2017

Universal Orlando Resort

Explore Orlando’s three theme parks within one.  There’s Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.  Spectacular on site hotels.  Get your best deals on line as with all vacation travel.  Of course there’s water water everywhere. Take your pick of adventure.

Disneyland California

Find out why this is the happiest place on earth!  The Disneyland resort is divided into two separate theme parks.  Downtown Disney boasts  three hotels and a shopping and entertainment district as well as nightlife for the adults.  The first park is the original Disney Theme Park and the second is the California Adventure Park.  I’ve been to both with my kids and it’s a blast. This year Disney’s newest attraction is the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis Indoor Aquarium

A world underwater.  Discover Atlantis Paradise Island one of the top vacation resorts for families in the Bahamas.  Water parks, fine dining, casinos, and shopping make for an awesome family summer getaway.

Sea World Orlando

Come face to face with marine life and experience the park’s rides, roller coasters, shows and tours.  They have awesome vacation packages for family.  Buy tickets online and save.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina 

Myrtle Beach is a coastal City in the southern region of the east Coast in South Carolina.  A family friendly beach with surrounding tourist shops and restaurants featuring delicious southern cuisine.

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Spring Getaway 2017

Time for your Spring Getaway 2017!  Visit SCW’s  top five spring destinations.  Affordable, accessible, popular and fun research your getaway online book in advance for the best prices.

Top 5 Spring Getaways

Miami Beach

Sun seeking families can enjoy the shores of North Miami Beach where you’ll find kid friendly beaches and the most affordable restaurants and hotels.  Just ten miles away take in some culture at the museums and art galleries and theaters of Greater Miami.

Santa Monica California

Santa Monica Beach, the crown jewel of Santa Monica is fun for Couples and families alike.  Surrounded by the best shopping and restaurants at the beach.  Ocean view rooms don’t come cheap, book online Travelocity to get the best rates.

Las Vegas

Temperatures in the summer can soar up to 110-120 degrees.  Enjoy beautiful spring weather in Vegas with temps in the 70’s and 80’s very comfortable for daytime exploring.  There are a wealth of online deals for Vegas throughout the year book as far in advance as possible for best prices.


Beautiful beaches, exquisite meals, secluded cays and amazing sunsets, make Anguilla your favorite Caribbean Island getaway.

Daytona Beach Florida

If Miami Beach is out of reach than Daytona may be the next best thing.  It doesn’t offer the trendy nightclubs and swanky hotels, however it does boast more than 20 miles of beachfront, with plenty of inexpensive lodging and dining.

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New Years Eve Safety Tips


While New Year’s Eve can be super fun, it can also be super dangerous.  Actually one of the most dangerous holidays of the year.  With tons of people flocking to the streets dressed to the nines and laced with cash and credit cards the potential for crime is high and you’ve got to be smart!  Make sure you are very aware of your surroundings, especially in places you’ve never been.  Be sure to charge your cell phone before you leave the house and have your phone ready with ID in case of emergency.  When traveling in groups there should be a designated driver.  Whatever you do don’t drink and drive!  Have fun and be responsible!


Travel to and from by taxi.  Cab companies in most major cities are offering free rides on New Year’s eve to people who are intoxicated.


Stick together as a group.  If you’re a single woman, better to go out with a group of friends than alone.  New Year’s eve unfortunately is a hotbed of crime, be safe.


Monitor your alcohol intake.  Intoxicated women get taken advantage of.

Young Women In A Bar With One Drunk Friend Passed Out

Be extra careful with fireworks.  The emergency rooms biggest days for firework fatalities are New Year’s eve and fourth of July.


Don’t leave drinks unattended.


Verse of the Day:



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Romantic Getaway for Parents & SCW Winter Getaway



Happy Holidays From Big Bear California!  10,000 ft above sea level, beautiful picturesque mountains as far as the eye can see.  Didn’t know California had snow?  California is great for its warm weather climate, but at higher elevations there is indeed cold and snow.  My husband and I love getting away from it all and coming here snuggling by a roaring fire.  It’s a couples winter getaway this year for my husband and I.  It felt great to wake up to the mountains this morning.  Spending Christmas here will be just perfect after all of our hard work this year.
Thinking of ways to spend some quality time with your spouse this season?  In addition to hotels with room service, you could do a bed and breakfast, they’re always a quaint and cozy. Winter is great for cozy winter cabins, you can rent them.  There are several different types you can get depending on amenities, view, etc… priced to fit every budget.  But remember you can’t put a price on the memories you’ll acquire.

The slopes of Big Bear Mountain



Here are some pictures from our last Big Bear Family vacation.


Playing with the kids in the snow!






Carving out time to spend with your husband during the holidays can be tough. With never  ending holiday to do lists, endless errands, and children’s activities.  Make your marriage the priority this season. Devote some quality time to your one and only this holiday season.  Here are 7 holiday winter dates to spark some romance this season.


  1. Weekend Getaway.  Drop off the kids at their grandparents make the necessary arrangements and getaway.  It could be a Friday, Saturday stay or live on the edge and stay Sunday too. There are several options, in addition to nice hotels with room service, you might try a Bed and breakfast. Winter is great for renting cabins.  My husband and I like to getaway to a cozy mountain cabin in winter.  Getaways are a great way for parents to stay connected.


2.  Go Sledding. Nothing rekindles romance like laughter and laughing together, go ahead big kids can have fun too.


3. Netflix and chill. Put the kids to bed.  Grab some blankets, hot coffee, warm up the fireplace. Choose a holiday themed movie or whatever you enjoy, make some snacks and relax.


4.  Live music clubs. These places usually have a thirty and over crowd very laid back and sophisticated.


5. Try a new restaurant for a romantic dinner.  Restaurants that have a romantic theme have dark lighting, and tend to be a little quieter.


  6.  Warm up  at a modern coffee bar with a cappuccino and good conversation just the two of you.


   7.  Play a couples game.  Call it a prelude to intimacy.  There are several different types. You can usually find them at bookstores like Barnes and Nobles.





Verse of the Day:


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