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Rejoice in the Lord

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Let Your Light Shine

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All things will work together for your good

Coming up June 1st Summer Vacation and Contentment in Difficult Times

Casting your Cares

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Prayer for the World, Welcome Spring! 30 and still Single?


A Prayer for
Our World

God, You alone are worthy of honor, glory, and praise. With You, we can overcome every storm—including the global impact COVID-19 is having on our world.

Right now, we are asking You to:

  • Heal those who are sick and protect those who are not.
  • Give our leaders extra wisdom as they navigate this pandemic and economic uncertainty.
  • Strengthen Your global Church. Reveal to us how we can partner together to reach the needs of those around us.
  • Calm our fears. Fill us with Your hope, joy, and peace as we continue to trust in You.
  • Use this pandemic to pave the way for spiritual renewal. We want Your glory, power, and healing to be on display.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Adjusting our budget in times of economic crisis is critical to our welfare as well as the welfare of our families.

So, how can you survive an economic crisis? Here are my top five tips for surviving:

1. Reduce your debt

This is critical. If you have debt, you are not in control: debt means your creditors are in control. You must take immediate steps to reduce your debt.

If you have a big mortgage payment, car payment, or credit card payment each month, and you lose your job, you will quickly fall behind, and risk losing your house and car.

If you have no debt and lose your job, your only worry will be finding another job. You won’t have to worry about making payments and losing your home and car. With no debt, you can weather this financial crisis.

2. Learn to live without credit

This is a hard one. If you are 40 years old or younger, you have most likely used credit cards your entire adult life. You have probably never paid cash for a car, and you may just assume that it’s normal to only have a 5% down payment on a new house.

Here’s a challenge for you: talk to your parents or grandparents and ask them if, when they were young, they had a credit card. They will probably tell you that no, they paid cash for everything, including cars and houses. That meant they didn’t buy a new car every three years, and they lived in a small house, but they also didn’t have any debt payments.

Living without credit means making a budget and planning what you want to buy, and then saving money to do it. It’s a drastic change for those of us who are used to buying now and paying later, but the savings in interest payments are worth it in the long run.

3. Simplify your life

Living without credit means simplifying your life. If instead of a 5% down payment on a house you will now need 25%, you will probably buy a smaller house. That’s fewer rooms to furnish and fewer things to buy, which makes your life simpler.

Review every dollar you spend every month, and ask yourself: “Do I really need that?” For example:

  • Do I need to pay for 500 cable channels that I never watch, or would basic cable do?
  • Would I be better off if I sold my house and rented? Your house might not be quite as nice, but you would have no worries about mortgage payments, property taxes, repairs and maintenance, or a crashing real estate market.
  • Do I need a new car every three years, or would an inexpensive used car get me to work just as well?
  • Alternative: do I even need a car? How much money could I save by taking public transit, walking, riding a bike, and just renting a car or taking a taxi when needed?
  • Would my employer let me work from home, either every day or a few days per week? With a high speed internet connection and a computer, could you be as productive at home? Your employer would save money on rent, and you would save transportation costs, so it may be a “win-win” for everyone.
  • Do we need to eat out four nights a week, or could we save money and eat better by preparing meals at home?
  • Do I need to visit the coffee shop twice a day, or could I make my own coffee?

I’m not suggesting we become hermits and give up our cars and houses. I’m not even saying credit is bad. What I am saying is that if we can learn to live with less, our lives will have less stress, and we will have less debt to worry about.

4. Start working on Plan B

It’s possible that your world hasn’t changed yet, but the world around you has changed, and eventually your world will change too.

What will you do if you get downsized at work, or if your hours are reduced? Can you get another car lease when your current lease expires? What would you do if you couldn’t sell your house for more than the amount owing on the mortgage? What if the economy does collapse?

While these are not pleasant things to think about, it’s important to start thinking about them and start making a “Plan B”. You need a plan for the following:

  • If you lost your job, where would you work? Always have an up to date resume ready, and always keep your ears open for other opportunities.
  • Consider starting a home-based business in your off hours. If you have a hobby that could become a business, consider making that a second source of income.
  • Consider getting a part-time job if hours are reduced at work. That way, if you do lose your primary job, at least you will still have some income.

5. Reduce your expenses

Every month there are many, many people who are going through a job loss, or a marriage break up, or even medical problems that have forced them to cut their living expenses to survive. Here’s my final tip:

Don’t wait until you have to: cut your expenses now. Use the extra cash to pay down debt, or to build up some savings.

Think about this: If you earn $2,000 per month and it costs you $2,000 per month to live, you have no margin for error. If you can reduce your expenses to $1,800 per month, you have some wiggle room; missing a day of work won’t destroy your monthly budget. Here are some easy strategies for cutting expenses:

  • Cut back to only basic service on your cable TV (you don’t watch all of those channels anyway), or unplug completely and make the switch to Netflix or CraveTV;
  • Cut the non-essentials on your home phone service;
  • Make your own coffee. Okay, I know this is a hard one, since we Americans are addicted to coffee, so try this: pull out the coffee maker you got for a wedding present, and buy a bag of ground coffee from your favorite coffee shop; then, before you go to bed at night, fill up the coffee maker. When you get up in the morning, push the button or maybe you have a fancy timer. You can now drink twice as much coffee for half the price!
  • Combine your car trips; do all of your errands at once to save on gas;
  • Consider big lifestyle changes, like moving closer to work so you can walk or take public transit.

Here’s the point: the world has changed, but you are still the boss of your own life. You can set your own destiny, so make a plan to reduce debt, use as little credit as possible, and plan for the future.

What do you do if you are already drowning in debt, and cutting expenses won’t help? Consult professional debt council.

Everyone faces financial struggles. But for single moms, it seems as if they hold a bigger financial burden and are more likely to undergo financial hardships – because in all honesty, they do.

According to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, single moms earn a medium income of $26,000 while married couples earn a medium income of $84,000. That’s a big gap!

When you’re the sole income provider in your household and have other people depending on you to survive, it’s only natural that you may worry a little bit about your finances.


When you have a fixed income and a lot of responsibilities, it’s safe to say you’re not interested in splurging on non-necessities and more concerned about meeting your basic needs. To combat this worry, you can increase your income or attempt to simplify your life even more.

I know it doesn’t always sound fun, but sometimes it’s best to focus on being content with less during a temporary situation. Draw out a brand new budget that minimizes your variable expenses and consider ways that you can alter or lower fixed expenses.

  • Get a one bedroom apartment instead of a two bedroom for the time being
  • Move from a large expensive city to the suburbs where the cost of living is cheaper
  • Avoid financing anything even if it’s a necessity like a car
  • Find the lowest payment prepaid cell phone service and try it out
  • Monitor the energy consumption in your home to lower your utility bills
  • Try purchasing your family’s favorite foods in bulk, shop during sales and freeze extra food to save on groceries

Another important thing you can do is start boosting your savings rate. Having money saved up will come in handy if your expenses ever increase one month or you have to deal with an emergency. If you feel like there is nothing left to save at the end of the month after you pay all your bills and expenses, you’re probably wrong.

Instead of worrying about how you will pay for this expense or considering working less, explore some of these options:

  • You may qualify for child-care assistance: State child-care assistance programs help eligible families pay for care while working or attending school.  If you are approved, the program will pay for a portion of your child care costs each month based on your income and family size while you will be required to pay a small copay each month. Each state has its own guidelines and requirements though so it’s important to see if you qualify and utilize the assistance too.
  • Try a home daycare or hire a nanny: If you find an accredited and legitimate home daycare, it may be cheaper than taking your child to child care facility. You can even check Care.com for a trusted babysitter or nanny. This service is free for parents to use and allows them to compare providers and their rates in order to find someone who matches their requirements and budget.
  • Find a friend or family member who can babysit: Depending on your work schedule and where you live, this may or may not be a reasonable option. Back in college when I was living away from my family, I made an effort to connect with other moms in my area to make friends and develop a support system. Turns out there was a whole group for college moms and I met many other single moms who needed help just as much as I did. We carpooled and swapped babysitting services when we could to help each other and networking with others to build positive relationships is a great way to avoid costly child care prices.


  • Taking out a payday loan – These loans have extremely high interest rates and it’s just not worth it especially if you can barely pay bills. Choose to do without certain things or rely on your emergency savings instead.
  • Financing items – I’ve said it before, but don’t finance anything that has a high interest rate and that you can’t pay off quickly. You will lose money this way.
  • Using credit cards – If you aren’t using credit cards strategically to earn points and rewards and paying the bill off in full each month, avoid using them because they could get you into debt.
  • Giving Up – It’s important for your mental health not to be worried and stressed out all the time but at the same time don’t give up. If you don’t qualify for financial assistance you have other options. Overcome these worries and improve how you manage your finances and things will get better. Can you think of any common financial worries


As we’ve all been preoccupied and distracted with the Coronavirus, I almost completely forgot Spring has Sprung! The official date was March 21st. The whole world is adjusting to this new normal and trying to navigate the best way to live our lives in spite of our circumstances and because of them. Just remember God is bigger than all our circumstances and God never sleeps or fails to stop moving forward. Genesis 8:22 “As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

God is doing something new and when this over it will feel great to get outdoors and enjoy the wonder and beauty of his glory. In the month of April our thoughts turn to Easter, the Resurrection!  Looks like with the stay at home in order in effect people will not be able to assemble for Easter.

Churches all over the world have cancelled services. I saw an interview with TD Jakes recently and he talked about Worshiping and praying at home with our families. And not needing to go to a physical building to worship. The church is you!  It’s us, it shows on the outside in the way that we treat people, the way we conduct ourselves, we are to be an example to the world.



30 and Still Single?

Times have changed in last 20 yrs and dating along with it. I was there too. I was not yet married at 30. However, there’s still hope. First with God all things are possible. Struggling with singleness may be a sign to draw nearer to God. When we are looking for the mate that God has for us, very often he wants to do work on us and in us first before pairing us with someone. He wants to get you ready to receive someone into your life.

If we’re honest with ourselves we could all use a little fine tuning.   I know I did before getting married. For instance I was closed off emotionally and averse to letting someone in. Totally oblivious to the fact that I was never going to build a real connection like that. There were other issues as well, I was fiercely independent and wanted everything on my own terms.

Again, you can’t build a relationship like that.  Although I had a well meaning heart and wanted to share my life with the right person I didn’t see the mistakes I was making. Until I drew closer to God and he began to show me the things I needed to change. How did I change them? I prayed, read books, and most importantly started to do things differently.

God wants our relationship with him to be first priority, that means a grateful heart, praying, putting him first, including him in your decisions. Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added.”  I’m living proof, that God keeps his word!

I don’t want to make a decision without God involved lest I make a mistake. Righteousness is simply about doing things the right way in every aspect of your life. God does not expect us to be perfect. He knows our shortcomings, Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you.”

He’s waiting for you to acknowledge them and come to him to fix them. Every little girl grew up reading the fairy tales and that’s what we expect. However, as grown ups perhaps we need to adjust our expectations a bit to fit into the real world.

  • There is no perfect match – You are going to be annoyed at times.  You are going to want to throw something at your significant other at some point. It’s inevitable and it’s normal. Hard to believe, but there may be things you do that annoy him too. Even more problematic, there is the belief that the “perfect match” will be the solution to all past dating issues. Arguments? No way! Not with my “perfect match!” Hello, reality is knocking and it wants to sink in. Don’t go into a relationship expecting the other person to be perfect, that’s way too much pressure to put on someone. Instead, go into a relationship understanding that the person you’re with has imperfections, but so do you.  If you look at every imperfection as a clear indication that the person you’re with can’t possibly be “the one”, good luck finding that impossible person.


  • Fairy tales aren’t reality Dating experts across the world have identified that flexibility is key to having a good relationship. It is also known as compromising. We’ve been programmed to believe that we all deserve a fairytale and that without taking any responsibility for the outcome, we will find our “perfect match.” When issues arise it’s easy to attribute them to the other person without looking at it from the point of standpoint of how we may have played a role. Let God give you revelation. The closer your walk with God the more  he reveals things to you that are hidden from your spiritual or natural sight.


  • Relationships require work – When the honeymoon phase is over the real work begins and don’t kid yourself it is work! We have to work to maintain all aspects of our lives and relationships are no different. But when you’re with the person God has for you, things have a way of working out. Romans 8:28 “All things work together for the good of those who love the lord and are called according to his purpose.” Yes there will be trials, test, difficult times, issues to work out. This is what your signing up for if you want to ultimately be married and stay married for the long haul. But it all begins with a solid relationship.


  •  Have a realistic view of relationships – When you make a conscious decision to love someone, (flaws & all), work through issues, and be flexible, you can find a person who becomes a match. But for everyone out there, dating person after person, looking for that one person who is perfect, you’ll never find them. Because that person doesn’t exist.


  • More resources than ever before, but dating seems harder – That’s because it is. With more resources online in this digital age people have an infinite number of choices.  Although it keeps things interesting, settling down may not be the priority. In fact I read that millennials are not considering marriage as being an option. Traditional values have always been challenged throughout the decades.
  • However God’s intuition is the best. – Ladies ask yourself what  do you  want? And tailor you’re dating life to reflect those needs. For instance  if what you want is to settle down and get married. You should only be dating men that have the same goals as you in the same time frame as you. If you want it within the next say 2 or 3 years and he maybe wants it 10 yrs from now, well.
  • He’s not the one. –  A woman should never try to fit where she doesn’t belong. You want a man who embraces the idea of marriage and family now, at this point in his life. A woman has a window of opportunity to create a family as far as time is concerned. If a man is thirty he has at least another 30  years!
  • You can’t wait for him. – You have to put yourself first in this instance! Relationships require love, patience, work, and realism to be successful. Let God lead the way and your season WILL come!!!!!

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Souless Relationships

In order for there to be real love between two people, there has to be a spiritual connection. A physical relationship without the spiritual connection is like a body with no soul and as a result women are left feeling empty. A woman must first have a healthy respect for herself. Self respect is number one and valuing yourself enough to require that you you be treated with respect by a man. So how does a woman go about doing this?

4 Ways to communicate the self-respect you have for yourself
and that you require from a man

1. Self control Let the man pursue you. The woman that’s consistently calling, texting, all the time is his groupie and thus not interesting.

2. Be OK with being alone –  That doesn’t mean you give up on finding love. Make up your mind that I’d rather be alone than to be treated poorly or less than I deserve.  It takes the pressure off finding someone, you relax and let it happen naturally in God’s timing.  In the meantime work on being the best you can be and knowing that the right man will be lucky to have you.

3. Don’t appear desperate – Be willing to walk away if it’s not working for you, as opposed to holding on to a relationship that’s going nowhere or no where good or both.

4. Show him you value yourself by requiring he treat you with respect.  You show him that by not allowing yourself to be used like the others. As long as you’re leading with the physical you’ll not get beyond that place. Let Love In!

Verse of the day:

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Managing Life’s Transitions

Change! It’s the one constant in life.  The way we manage change can make all the difference.  Change can be positive or negative.  Expected and unexpected.  Some positive changes are getting married, going away to college, a promotion at work, retirement.  Difficult changes include loss of a person, loss of a job, illness, etc…  Positive or negative, change will come!  It must come!  They’re called transitions.  It is the essence of life.  So how do we manage change in times of difficulty?

  • Become comfortable with change, transitions give us an opportunity to assess the direction our lives are taking.
  • Expect to feel uncomfortable during transition.  As you let go of old ways of doing things and begin to accept your new normal, it’s disorientating at first but these feelings will pass and as believers we don’t live by our feelings, we live by faith.
  • Take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest exercise, and eat well.
  • Build your support system.  Friends and  family can be a great source emotional support, they love you and genuinely want to help.
  • Take it to God in prayer.  The bible says to, Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord your God and lean not to your own understanding.”
  • Take it one day at a time. To regain a sense of power take it one step at a time, that’s all the Lord expects of you.


Verse of the day:

Acknowledgement:  Keep in prayer Eric and his daughter who’ve just lost a loving Wife and Mother.  May God bless and Keep them.

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The Bond of Peace

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The Lords Word has prevailed Mightily

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God will give you the Victory

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A Season Of Abundance and Fall Date Night Ideas

The official start of fall begins Monday September 23.  My favorite time of year!  Followed by my other favorite, Winter!  I actually love the entire season, the holidays are a wonderful time of year.  A new season to do it differently.  What will you do differently?  Change!  And Change for the better!  Thank God for change!  Change is spiritual, it’s a revival of the spirit.  Though the thunder rolls, and the lightning flashes, God is with you!  When God shines his light on you it’s an awakening.  Awakening is described as “an act of waking from sleep”.  An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.  Coming into existence or awareness.  The Bible calls it Luke 15:17“He came to himself.”  Be encouraged!  Keep the faith and have a great week.  Don’t forget to take the time out to just enjoy life, Surround yourself with positive people, Enjoy fall date nights.

  • The Weather

  • Warming up by the fire

  • The colors of Fall

  • Harvest

Verse of the day:

Celebration and Leisure:  We must take the time out to enjoy life with the ones we love.  Time to Fly!  We had such an amazing time on my husband’s birthday with the kids.  I surprised him with “iFLY” Indoor Skydiving/ flying.  It was hit!  He loved it!  The kids did better than me.

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God is Restoring You

God is restoring you!  The Bible says “the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy”.  God has come “that you might have life!!  And that more abundantly”. John 10:10.  The amplified bible calls it a “Rich and satisfying life”!  That sounds good to my soul!  The thief wants to destroy everything that’s good in your life!  Especially your mind!  Because that’s where your power is!  It is with the mind that we serve the lord!  There’s nothing as powerful as a changed mind.  If you can change your mind, you can make better choices, you can change your habits, change your behaviors, change your money, change your family, change your life!

Guard your mind!  Stay focused!  Keep your eyes on God.  When you make the decision to change your life God will meet you there in that place, take you by the hand, give you an experience in Him and do things for you you’ve only dreamed about.  I know because it happened to me!  God is in the restoration Business!  Joel 2:25, “I will restore to you the years”.  Are there some years you want restored?

God is restoring your years.  He is restoring your mind, your health, your relationships, your resources (money), restoring your hope, restoring your faith, and love!  Shame is from the enemy.  You need not be ashamed of what you were, your former self.  The bible says you are a new creature in Christ the former things have passed away and behold all things have become new.

Isaiah 61:7 Instead of your shame “you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours”. Joel 2:26 “And ye shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God who has dealt wondrously with you and my people shall never be ashamed.”

Be encouraged today people of God, God loves you.  My family prays for our readers, pray for us, The best is yet to come!  Be at peace!

What does the bible say about Restoration?
  • Jeremiah 30:17  For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will …
  • Psalm 51:12  Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a …
  • Isaiah 61:7 Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead …

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A New Season of Blessings

Verse of the day:

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