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Family Winter Travel & Leisure 2018

The beauty of winter brings adventures in the snow!  If you’re like me you love winter sports,  outdoor activities, and scenic mountain getaways!  The great thing about California is that you can enjoy both the Ocean and the Mountains all in one day if you like.  I love the ocean, it’s one of my favorite  places to relax but so are the mountains!  The snow covered mountains of wintergetawys are fun for the entire family!  We’re counting down the top 5 winter destinations of 2018!  The best locales for skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, and snowboarding!  Of course no winter getaway would be complete without a cozy cabin retreat after a long day on the slopes!  Each location has plenty of local hotels, some within walking distance to the slopes, but for the whole family nothing beats a log cabin in the snow! I’ll share some pics from our winter getaway when we return!


Heavenly Lake Tahoe Search: Tahovacation guide.com

Lake Catherine Utah Search: lakehousevacations.com

Colorado Winter Park, Search Coloradomountaincabins.com

Blue Ridge Mountains Search blueridgerentals.net

Big Bear Mountain California Search: bigbeargetaway.com

  • Shopping

  • LodgingWhen traveling with the kids instead of getting two or three hotel rooms for multiple days to accommodate all of you.  Pack up the whole gang and do a cabin, so that you can all be together!  It’s smarter, more practical and saves money.


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Shout out to January Birthdays!

My Grandfather Thomas Newman January 6th

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Happy Birthday to SCW Publisher Monique!

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Prosperous and Successful New Year

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In American culture New Year’s resolutions are tradition.  It’s what well-meaning good folks do.  However, usually by the end of the first week of January we’ve either fallen short or given up on those resolutions leaving us feeling defeated and disillusioned.  Why must we torture ourselves this way?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Should we not try to better ourselves from year to year progressing forward in life?  Absolutely you should, but it’s the way you’re going about it that’s hurting you.  Essentially when we make New Year’s resolutions, we are trying to carry out those goals by relying on will power ( your power).

When instead you should be being led by the Spirit.  Because in and of ourselves we have no power!  As Christians we have to be infused with power by God to do all things.  Take myself for instance, it’s not that I’m so wonderful and so great at what I do.  No.  I give God all the credit!  It is Him that allows me to be a good Christian, a good wife, a good mother, a good student, businesswoman.  I lean on Him to do ALL things!  And you know what?  It makes things easier!  I’m only human!  I’m going to mess up, I’m going to fail sometimes, I’m going to make mistakes!  I’m not going to always get it right!  But it’s okay because in those times of not getting it right, I learn!  I learn how to readjust and make things better!  Anytime we try to do things in our own human power without taking God with us, we struggle!!!!!

Their came a point in my life where I didn’t want to struggle anymore, I wanted help, needed help figuring out this journey called Life! Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”   So I humbled myself, and ask God to come into to my heart and help me make the changes in my life that I needed to make!  Because whether you know it or not you can’t do it without him.  John 15:5 “I am the Vine you are the branches and if you remain in me and I in you , you will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do no thing!!!!”  But with Him, He will Fight for you, He will love you and protect you, He will guide you and bring you into Good success!  And I don’t mean the world’s definition of success.  I’m talking about the kind of success that the world didn’t give you and the world can’t take it away!

When God is for you no devil in hell can stop it!!!  Psalm 27:13 “Though an army encamped against me my heart shall not fear. though war rise against me in this I shall be CONFIDENT!”  He blesses those that bless you!  He will curse those that curse you!  A friend that sticketh closer than a brother.  He won’t run out on you when times get hard!  Acts 1:8  “Ye shall receive power!” and grace to  deal with whatever you need to.  The power that is for you is greater than the powers against you!  So what should you do instead of making a resolutions?  Speak power out of your mouth!  Simply say!  I can do All things through Christ which strengthens me!

Now you have changed the game because your no longer relying on yourself you’re relying on God and the holy spirit, (the helper), to come alongside of you and help you get to the place that God wold have you to be!  So you tell yourself, I can do this!  With God’s help I can do all that I need to: Get out of debt, lose weight, recover after a divorce, get healed from sickness, close relationship with family, get help for a troubled child, take care of aging parents, get through school, change careers, go into business for yourself, buy a house, strengthen your marriage, raise a child etc….  Whatever you need to do, you can do it!  Through Christ that strengthens YOU!!!!!!!!!

Verse of the day:

Mathew 14:25-27,  Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them walking on the lake.  When the disciples saw him walking on the lake they were terrified.  It is a ghost they said, and cried out in fear.  But Jesus immediately said to them: take courage! it is I, Do not be afraid!!!!

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New Year’s Day 2018


Time to Reflect on the past year.  Reflect our success as well as our failures.  Reflect on our personal and spiritual growth.  Reflect on family and friends.  Ask yourself what changes do you want to make? What goals have you set for yourself in the new year? Reflect on your relationship with God.

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New Year’s Eve Party Planning & Safety Tips 2017

The New Year’s Eve Holiday is exciting and Fabulous!  With Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, it ‘s time to turn our thoughts to the New Year!  It’s a time to celebrate our accomplishments of the year, reflect on the goodness of God in our lives and how He has brought us through.  It’s also a time of reflection on the lessons He teaches us along the way, as well as time to look forward to the New Year!

The blessing of a new year gives us hope,  a fresh start, and a chance to be near those closest to us. Time to celebrate!  Yes you can plan an awesome party for New years eve inexpensively.  The Good thing is New Years eve at least is not one of those big food holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So you should be spending less on preparation.  New Years eve parties can be simple or fancy.  It’s really about having fun, seeing friends, and the countdown to midnight.  Of course you’ll have food but it doesn’t need to be over the top.  Traditionally New Years Day dinners are nice, but New Years eve you can get away with appetizers.  The number one rule keep it simple!

  1. Keep Decorations Simple.  Use candles! Set a nice table, (use  holiday decorations as in opening picture) Check out dollar store for banners, party hats, noisemakers, plastic ware, etc.. You’ll pay more at other stores and for throw aways, it just make sense.
  2. Host later in the evening. Hosting later in the evening allows you to serve a lighter meals or appetizers.  If people are arriving later, chances are they’ve eaten, and late new years eve parties often have champagne and appetizers not full course meals.  Serve Amazing appetizers like mini cheese burgers on a stick, buffalo wings, Baked Potato,topped with butter cheese and sour cream with bacon.
  3. Check the internet for free or cheap New Years eve events in your neighborhood.  Local community parties can be great, get your friends together and check out a local party.
  4. Host a potluck dinner.  You’ll have variety and save money on buying everything yourself.

  1. Have a designated driver.  If you are unable to get a designated driver, in most cities this is the only day of the year when cab rides are free if you’ve had too much drink.
  2.  Women should travel together to stay safe. There’s strength in numbers.  Or at least buddy up!  Two of you together rather than alone.
  3. Make sure phones are charged before going out, use a car charger if you have one.
  4. Use self control avoid drinking so much that you are unaware of your surroundings. Be alert.

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Christmas Day Blessings 2017 Celebrating our Lord & Remembering Loved ones in Heaven

Merry Christmas everyone!   As we gather with our families this Christmas and enjoy great meals and gifts, as Christians we’re celebrating the Birth of our savior, our Lord Jesus Christ!  Glory to God who gives us the victory!  As I write this my heart is heavy with emotion and tears well up in my eyes thinking of the goodness of Jesus and all he has done for me!  I’m so thankful and so grateful for my blessings I don’t take anything for granted.  I thank God every step of the way and so should you, because things could be a lot worse.  As the saying goes no matter how bad you think you’ve got it , there’s someone hurting worse.

For example here in California we’ve had a lot of fires lately due to the dry brush and the wind.  Many people have lost their land and their homes.  They now have to stay in hotels or with family for the holidays.  Obviously their holiday will not be the same as they envisioned it would.  My heart goes out to those people who have lost their homes.  So obviously those of us who are in our homes this year have a lot to be thankful for.  Think of the people who are homeless today, hungry and lonely.   Pray for those less fortunate than yourself.  Prayer strengthens us and gives us power!  So pray without ceasing.

Pray with your families and for them.  I’m so thankful God has kept me alive another year, kept me in good health this year, taken care of my basic needs, and a lot of my wants.  The Lord knows what you have need of.  He has blessed my children to be in good health and doing well for themselves as young adults.  He blessed my husband as leader of the family and allowed him to protect, provide, and guide.  He’s blessed me to attend a prestigious University, and not just attend but excel!  He’s given me spiritual maturity and allowed my spirit to blossom and soar!

If it had not been for the Lord who was on my side “Where indeed would I be?”  He’s given me the gift of writing and creativity and allowed me to share the word of the Lord around the world.  So I love you Lord I praise and worship you today, no other help do I know.  So I thank you today because you “are” Lord and are worthy to be praised!!  Take a moment and take stock of what you are thankful today!  The miracle of Christmas is Christ!

  • Worship

My dear readers and followers, the top post of December has been, “Remembering Loved Ones in Heaven”.  Bless your hearts.  When I wrote that post over a year ago I had no idea how significant it would become.  I wrote it because I too, am remembering my loved ones in heaven in this holiday season. I miss them all the time, but at the holidays I miss them more.  If you have been following me for a while you know that I’m an only child and I  lost my mom in 2005, sometimes it still feels like yesterday. My husband lost his father and an aunt this year. so we’ve been hurting too.  My mom and I were close and would celebrate the holidays together.  We’d do Thanksgiving at her house and Christmas at mine.

She was such an excellent cook, and just a happy spirit, the type of person you like to be around.  Her wish was to be cremated so she is here in our home with family.  I love having her here.  I can put pictures around her vase, light candles, which I often do or just simply talk to her.  I recommend cremation to keep your family close by.  It’s not only my mom who I miss I miss my grandparents, my great grandparents, who were such a huge influence in my early years.  I also miss my older aunts, my cousin, they are gone but never forgotten.

At the time of  my mom’s death I was so crushed!  I thought I would never celebrate the holidays again!  Because now that she was gone all the fun was taken out of it for me.  I had other family to celebrate with but I didn’t want to.  I isolated myself and I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone for years.  That was my way of dealing with grief and pain!  Probably wasn’t the best way, but  we do what we can do in our moments of pain.  I did some grief counseling which really helped me out a lot, I highly recommend it.   Then I learned one of the best ways to cope with grief and pain is to get yourself off your mind and do something for somebody else.

For example; since I couldn’t go to my mom’s for Thanksgiving anymore, rather than sit home and be lonely I started going to the “Salvation Army” on the east coast and help feed the homeless, needy, and elderly lonely people.  Slowly God began to heal my heart and I began to come out of my shell when I met my husband.  Then God blessed me with my own family.  Having family holiday gatherings and doing things for my family gives me joy and purpose and most of all I can love again!  So thank God for the Gift of Love!  So remembering our loved ones at this time of year is something that I share with you.  We will keep our loved ones memories alive by each us burning a candle on Christmas eve and Christmas Day and we can pray for each other’s healing.  Sound good?  You with me?  Awesome!  Lets do it!  God Bless all those with loved ones in Heaven!

How will you spend your Christmas holiday?  Will you Attend Church services today?

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Christmas Holiday Decorating and Entertaining

We’re Counting down the days to the big day!  There’s still time left to tie up those loose ends and pull it together! Nothing says Holiday entertaining like decorating the house for the holidays.  This was a tradition in my family we spend hours, days, decorating and providing just the right  atmosphere to give your guests that warm and welcoming feel.  Depending on your budget you may opt to keep it simple and that is just fine.  Depending on the number of areas in and around the home you plan to decorate, decorations can add up in a  hurry!  So by all means do what you can afford  and avoid overdoing it.  The lights alone can cost a bundle.  Hopefully SCW’s list of holiday decorating and entertaining will give you plenty of ideas to get started.

  • Outdoor decorations

  • Outdoor lighting decorations with Christmas is my favorite holiday, I love an elaborate display.  But be prepared for the high electric bill.  Your lights don’t have to cover every square inch of your house to look festive and you don’t have to only decorate with lights, there’s garland and wreaths some people use them all.  Whatever you like that’s what you do but the point is that you don’t have to overdo it.

  • Invitations

  • Ornaments

Do it yourself ornaments.  Inexpensive, easy to make, and creative

  • The tree

  • Who doesn’t love the fun of going and picking out a Christmas tree with your family. This is my family’s preference.  We prefer a real tree for the smell.  It has a great holiday smell that goes throughout the house.  Of course you have to maintain a real tree by watering it, maybe spritzing the pine needles with water every week.
  • An artificial tree is the tree that keeps on giving.  They are more expensive but you get a lot of use out of it for years to come.  It just comes down to deciding what’s best for your family.


  • A well-appointed table (the centerpiece of holiday gatherings)

  • Holiday drinks and treats

Festive nonalcoholic holiday drinks are the way to go for guests who prefer not to drink, they look delicious and are easy to make.  Recipes can be found online simply type in the name of the drinks that interests you and viola! your easy to make recipe awaits.  Have fun!  For me I’m not much of a drinker so a little wine is fine and of course a little champagne for new years.

Gingerbread cookie mocha creme

Cranberry ginger ale spritzer

Virgin chocolate peppermint martini

  • Treats to Go

Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles simply wrap in plastic tie with a bow and cupcakes to go!

  • The Food


Author’s Note: My dear readers and followers around the world!  From my family to yours We love you!  Thank you for reading SCW.  My hope is that Christ will find his way into your hearts and homes this season.  God Bless you! Wishing you happiness in the new year and the whole year through!

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Couples Christmas Gifts 2017

Looking for a Christmas gift for that special couple in your life?  SCW’s list for couple’s Christmas gifts will generate some ideas for you.  Again couple’s gifts don’t have to be super expensive just because you’re buying for two people.  Think meaningful gift.  Something they’ll like and something they will remember.  It could be something as simple as having a picture of them framed.  Be creative  and have fun! Merry Christmas!


  • Personalized coffee mugs

  • His and hers pillows

  • Do it yourself, date night movie gift basket – these are fun to make.  You get to decide what you want to put in it.  A simple basket is relatively cheap. Add a couple DVDs, popcorn, snacks, drinks, and viola!  The perfect couples gift basket, they’re really popular this year.

  •  Keepsake ornaments

  • His and Hers Mac machines

  • Keepsake engraved jewelry

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