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New Years Eve Celebration



Happy New Year 2016 to all from SCW in southern California to the amazing Time Square New Year’s Eve Celebration.  In this coming year may you Live more, Laugh often and Love much.  We are staying in this year with good food and lots of love.  So we will have a front row seat from our house of the Times Square Party counting down with the rest of the world to 2016.  How will you spend your New Years Eve night this year?  Tell us all about your night, we’d love to know.



Rockefeller CenterNew York CityUSA







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Celebrating New Years Eve as a Couple


The Big Night has arrived!  There’s no need to spend a fortune on New Years Eve.  Plan a fun creative romantic evening without breaking the bank.


  1. 4316112-middle-aged-couple-sitting-sofa-by-cosy-log-fire-with-glass-of-champagne

Spend a quiet romantic night in.  Complete with a nice dinner, appetizers, and champagne, with relaxing music.  We’ve been one busy family lately.  There’s been a string of social activities over the past month.  It will be a pleasure to spend the night in.  I’ve planned a nice dinner, we have champagne and appetizers.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful evening with my sweetheart.

2.  We_the_Kings_Hershey_PA_New_Years_Eve

Go to see a great band play locally

3.  093411-romantic-dinner


Enjoy a romantic dinner out together

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4.  new_years_resolutions

Get together with friends,  discuss and write out your resolutions for the coming year and have a champagne toast at midnight.

 5.  nyc-christmas

Whether or not you’re in New York for new years eve, you too can go ice skating locally where you live.

6.  1142-23_d1

Attend a small intimate gathering at a friend’s home.

 7.  There’s always “Dick Clark”‘s New Years Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest.  Get a bottle of champagne and toast the New Year






To all of our readers and followers here in the U.S. and around the world we wish you a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

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Your Holidate Night Dress





New Years Eve parties are in general a dressy occasion.  Expectations are kicked up a notch from the normal date night cocktail dress you would wear at dinner.  New Years eve year-end celebration is full of  glam.  A woman gets to display her glam look in all of its glory.  Formal events, black tie, and masquerade parties abound.  If you’ve received a formal invitation or black tie invitation in the mail and not sure what to wear, don’t worry SCW has you covered.  Being a busy mom and or career woman doesn’t leave much time to dress up.  However, this is the one holiday a year where you can shed your usual wear for an unbelievably formal dress that your date won’t be able to take his eyes off of.  You should feel beautiful and own the room.

Since formal dresses are only worn for special occasions some women opt to rent a formal dress rather than own.  This is fine.  However, it’s good to have at least a couple of Couture dresses for special events, (shopping trip).  Formal dresses for black tie events are generally full length dresses.  If your invitation says black tie only, (which means formal dress), you don’t want to show up in a cocktail dress.  All the other women will be wearing appropriate formal wear.  You also risk insulting your host not to mention your date.  It’s like saying, “I know what the invitation said, but I don’t care”, I’m going to wear what I want.  In which case if you don’t choose to participate then don’t go.  Grow up or stay home, (This party is for Grown ups).  If it’s a formal professional event there will be someone checking dress code at the door and you’ll be sent away if not properly attired.  So to avoid an embarrassing moment, dress properly for the event.  It’s a little thing called proper etiquette.  We will explore a few formal dress ideas to get you started.

Black tie Dress to Impress Invitation




Acceptable black tie wear for him


Acceptable wear for her


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Young couple in formal attire, car in background


Strappy heels and minimalistic jewelry






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Tips for a Safe New Years Eve Night



Happy Holidays from Rockefeller Center in New York City the biggest and best New Years Eve Celebration in America.  New years eve means parties and the consumption of alcohol.  The goal is to return home safe.  Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and the streets become more dangerous at this time.  More of everything, more drunk driving accidents on the road, more crime.  You certainly want to enjoy your night but you have to be smart about planning it.  Below are some safety tips for new years eve to ensure your night is fun and above all safe.

8 Tips for a Safe New Years Eve  Celebration

  1. partylimo Safety in numbers. This is especially true for single women.  Everything’s better with friends anyway, so make sure you don’t find yourself alone on new years eve.  The majority portion of the population will be drinking and streets will be more dangerous.  Traveling in a group will ensure  your safety as well as those you care about.  Party Limos have become very popular.  Don’t be afraid to ask to crash on their couch.  A lumpy couch is better than a DUI or a night in jail.

  2. Arrange transportation ahead of time.  Do not Drink and Drive.  Unless you’re hosting a party at home, you will be traveling out to various  parties with family and friends.  Get a designated driver.  Or perhaps the DD is you.  Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t drink and can step in and be the designated driver for someone else.  Be Safe.  Most major cities are offering free cab rides home for intoxicated people.  Check your local cab companies for this service or look them up online.  Triple A, (AAA), is also offering tipsy tow.  They will take you and your car home for free.  You do not have to be a triple A member.



  3. Drinking in excess.  It’s probably not a good idea to drink in excess. You will make yourself sick, ruin your clothes, and the night will go by in a blur.  In between drinks have water or soda to absorb the alcohol.  Waking up with a hangover remember is not fun.   21 and over adults can make their own decisions, though there are consequences to each choice we make.  Choose wisely.


  4. Full stomach.  Make sure to have dinner before you head out or begin drinking.  An empty stomach will make you sick and a full stomach will absorb the alcohol.

  5. Do not leave your drink unattended at parties. (Keep it with you)  Especially for single women this is the time of year that law enforcement sees an increase in drink spiking and date rape.

  6. Make sure you have a full cell phone battery before you leave the house.  Map out your destination with the GPS on your phone before you head out.charge-phone

  7. Leave a note with a trusted family member or neighbor with your itinerary for the evening as well as the phone numbers and directions to these places.  Make sure someone knows where to find you.
  8. Some prefer to attend church on New years Eve night.  If you’re attending church, awesome.  It’s the safest and best place to be other than at home with your family.




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Merry Christmas


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